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The General Council of the United Church of Canada

The General Council of the United Church of Canada will be meeting in Cornerbrook, Nfld. August 8-15. A number of important decisions will be made that will affect the denomination moving forward.

• A new Moderator will be elected.

• The Council will be voting on the mutual recognition of ministries with the United Church of Christ in the US and in the Philippines.

• The structure of the denomination will be changed dramatically.

1. Invitation to join the Prayer Pilgrimage – which begins June 29
Follow the Moderator, Gary Patterson’s blog

2. Candidates for Moderator: Biographies & responses to questions posted every Wednesday … who will lead the UCC for the next three years?

3. Report on the future structure of the UCC – “United in God’s Work”

4. Social connections – August 8 – you can follow the activities on-line – there are a variety of options

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Quick Trip Through Christian History

“From Christ to Calvin”, the title of the new “Learning For The Soul” series, has now concluded.
For anyone who wasn’t able to attend Alan Wheable’s fascinating overview of the early periods of Christian history, Alan has prepared a book format of his presentations.

The History of Christianity

Rev. Dr. Morar’s Weekly Column

Morar writes a weekly column for the online Oakville News. Read it here!

A Poetic Kind of Blog

Follow Andy King’s lectionary-based poetry blog: A Poetic Kind Of Place


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