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Where the Spirit Soars, and the Heart Finds a Home

Welcome to Maple Grove United Church – a community church in southeast Oakville.

Our mission as the congregation of Maple Grove United Church is to be a vital, active, caring Christian community, growing in faith by celebrating God’s love. We do this through vibrant worship and music, Christian education and faith formation for all ages, and outreach to our neighborhood and the world.


9:00 a.m. – Meditative Worship Service


10:30 – Worship Service
Chancel Choir  & Sunday School


This Sunday, January 15, Rev. Dr. Morar Murray-Hayes will be starting a sermon series based on a painting by the Haitian artist Jacques-Richard Chéry which belongs to Maple Grove United Church. It will be the inspiration for a series of sermons exploring who Christ is for our world today.

A portion of a painting of people on a boat in a rough sea
The portion of the painting being discussed Sunday, January 15

Join us this Sunday and over the next several weeks to reflect on the intersection of scripture, art and your own life.

Everyone is Welcome!


We hope you enjoy visiting our site. Please look around: use the navigation links above or to the side; and for various ways to contact us, please telephone us at 905-845-5721 or send us an email.

Maple Grove United Church, Oakville

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