58th Annual MGUC Fertilizer Sale – Ongoing Savings

Green Horizons BIG YELLOW BAG of Soil or Mulch.
If you’re in need of soil for top dressing or building up garden beds, or mulch for your gardens, Green Horizons offers the best quality soil and mulch delivered right to your home. Until June 30th 2018, when you order on line or by phone, and you quote the Maple Grove United Church Loyalty/Promo code, Green Horizons will pay a portion of the proceeds to Maple Grove United Church. How easy is that to get great products, service, discounts for early orders and a contribution to Maple Grove United Church. Quote this code when ordering:‘TMGUC8’
Sheridan Super Value Coupons for 2018!
Your new 2018 Sheridan Super Value Coupons are valid now until March 01, 2019. If you forgot to get yours during the Sale, they will be available from the Church office and any member of the Fertilizer Committee. The cost is just $20.00 for a 25% Off Coupon, valid at any Sheridan Nurseries location for a product purchase of $75.00 or more. If you are planning a large purchase at Sheridan, or will be making multiple trips to Sheridan for purchases in the coming year, then you should buy one or more coupons to take advantage of this discount each time you visit. You can also give them away as gifts or as a thank you to a good neighbour or friend.
The coupon applies across their product range at regular prices. The Coupon cannot be combined with any other offer or discount; does not apply to Value Priced items, Gift Cards, landscape design service, planting service, memberships, custom design service, Gro-Bark products, delivery and general labour. Coupon must be presented at point of purchase. One coupon per transaction.

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