Maple Grove Fertilizer Sale, 2020

Our 60th annual Fertilizer Sale is just around the corner!  As the church’s largest annual fundraiser, and the only one that targets fund-raising from outside our church community, every helping hand makes a difference.

To ensure we have another successful year we again need volunteers to be Territory Captains to help deliver flyers and make some phone calls to past customers to alert them to the upcoming Sale.  We have some vacancies this year noted below.  Please consider volunteering to help with these territories. 
#14        Drummond, Avon, Ario, Amber, part of Devon      (67 homes)
#30        Caincroft, Cedarbrae, Dalewood                           (50 homes)

Together with our mobile sign placements, delivering our Flyer is crucial to our success.  To volunteer, please send an email to the address below, call one of the Committee members noted or talk to any of us after church on Sunday.

Fertilizer Committee: 

Neil Gartshore (Co-Chair)      (905) 845-7967

Peter Williams (Co-Chair)       (905) 844-5269

Tom Warden                          (905) 339-8107
Sieg Will                                (905) 338-5292
Ian Taylor                              (905) 582-8710
Joanne Sinclair                      (905) 825-4216


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