62nd Annual Maple Grove United Church Fertilizer Sale! SUCCESS


We’re sending a big “Thank You!” out to all who helped make the 62nd Annual Fertilizer Sale a success – volunteers, congregation members and of course our customers, new  and returning.            

Spring has been a little cool so far and Saturday was a mixed weather day for our curbside pick-up. Nevertheless, we generated over $46,000 in sales from 300 customers from within Oakville and beyond.  Our volunteers working in the yard moved 1,696 bags of fertilizer and other lawn care products.  That’s 17,355 kgs, or more than 19 tons of product into customers’ trunks!

A dedicated team of volunteers helped deliver customer flyers, make phone calls to friends, colleagues and family and work in the drive-thru yard on Saturday.  It takes the entire MGUC village to get these kind of results, especially in our 3rd year of a Pandemic!  Once again, it was so nice to see so many familiar faces and to hear all the positive comments on how organized this year’s sale was.  We are very grateful to our volunteers and customers for your participation.

Don’t forget our partnership with Green Horizons for soil and mulch delivered in the Big Yellow Bags.  For every order placed before June 30th using our Promo Code MAPGROVE 22 Maple Grove United Church will receive a donation from Green Horizons.  

By using our Promo Code when ordering you can save $25.00 if you order before April 15th, or $15.00 if you order after April 15th up to May 15th.   Here is a link to our website Order Soil or Mulch Now or call Green Horizons at 905-849-1915 to place an order. Please use the Maple Grove Promo Code MAPGROVE22 to receive the Maple Grove additional discount. 

And when you’re all done with your Green Horizons Big Yellow Bag of soil or mulch, you can drop the empty bag at the bag depot located at Maple Grove United Church.  We’ll take care of getting it back to Green Horizons.  For every bag returned to the bag depot, Maple Grove United Church will receive a $5.00 donation.  It could not be easier for you to clear that empty bag off your property and support Maple Grove United Church at the same time.   Win for all!

Thank you for your support.  See you in 2023!  

Maple Grove United Church Fertilizer Committee.


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