The situation in Afghanistan for thousands of families remains dire. However, Maple Grove United, Munn’s United, Knox Presbyterian, Glen Abbey United and St. John’s United churches and a group of concerned local individuals are making excellent progress in their fundraising efforts to bring three of these families to Canada.

At a meeting at Maple Grove United Church last week representatives from the churches and neighbourhood groups learned first hand about the peril these families are in from relatives already in Canada. The stories shared were motivating and will help to provide the group with the energy to remain committed to the cause. The meeting was also an opportunity for the group to get to meet each other and learn who they will be working with to sponsor and settle the families.

This holiday season please consider helping this group help others in desperate need.

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  1. I read about the efforts from local churches helping Afghani refugees.
    I am a refugee many years ago and I like to help.
    I will be away from Canada for the next 3 months so for now I can only
    contribute financially to the efforts. Please send me details as to how I can assist.
    Once I return to Oakville in April 2022, I can certainly help more in
    whatever capacity deems helpful to the efforts.

    BTW, I sent a similar message to this email address (,
    as mentioned in the news article, but it was rejected.

    NK Nguyen (

  2. Hello Ken. Thank you for your interest in supporting our Afghanistan Refugee program. I have sent you an email to answer your questions. For financial contributions you can go to our website, go to the ‘donate here’ button and select option 3 Afghan Refugees. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation. Thank you again for your interest and feel free to respond to the email that I sent you if you have any further questions.
    Hugh Wanless
    Outreach Committee

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