Stewardship Message, March, 2022

Maple Grove UC - Doors open

We are so happy to be able to reopen our doors to the many activities in our church building – worship, committees, and the many user groups who call Maple Grove home. 

We want you to know that even though the doors were closed for many weeks, employees and volunteers continued working hard to look after our church. Council continued to meet monthly, virtual services were recorded and uploaded to our website, and our staff vacancies were able to be filled.  We maintained connection to our congregation, and to those in need, always only a phone call or email away.

We are aware, though, that without the ability to attend Church services in person, many of our congregation are unable to make their offerings in a manner for which they are most comfortable. And while we are open again, some will still feel uncertain about attending in person.  However, please remember that the costs of our Church continue.

offering plate

If you normally make your offerings by cash or cheque when you are in person, and are unable to be with us for any reason, please consider making a one-time payment, monthly post-dated cheques or use donation message at the bottom of the homepage – You can also mail your offering OR drop it off in the special locked box by the entrance door.

Thank you from the Stewardship Committee!