Planting a Tree at Maple Grove United Church
Pictured here at the planting are: Dave Carnevale, owner of The Tree Specialists, along with the company staff, Brieanne Reekie, Kevin Coish, Roberto Coraci, Max Young as well as, Rev. Morar Murray Hayes and her grandchildren, Hannah and Madison, Judy Lang, Maple Grove’s intrepid Outdoor Property Team leader and Sandra Kerr, Chair of Maple Grove Council.
Earlier this year, the company that provides MGUC with tree care services and free mulch, The Tree Specialists (www.thetreespecialists.com)  approached Maple Grove United Church with an idea. They wanted to plant a maple tree to commemorate Canada’s 150th Anniversary, and they thought what better place than Maple Grove United Church on Maple Grove Drive!
We graciously accepted their generous offer and on April 28th, to celebrate Arbour Day, a new Autumn Blaze Maple tree was planted in our front lawn.
The folks at The Tree Specialists were delighted to know that in fact this is also the church’s 60th Anniversary – and were particularly pleased that the planting could represent so many good things for us and for the community!