Why Attend Maple Grove’s 9:00 a.m. Service

Church Sanctuary

Maple Grove has two services for most fall, winter, and spring Sundays, one at 9:00 a.m. and another zt 10:30. The 9:00 service attendees have recently described the importance of their time slot.

Top Ten Reasons to Attend Worship at Maple Grove at 9.00 am
With input from nearly all the members of the 9am service, we appreciate the opportunity to express our thoughts about Worship in The Grove at the early service.

  1. We are the dress rehearsal for the 10:30 service: a shorter quieter version.
  2. Although comparatively small in numbers (30 – 4o parishioners) we are awesome in years of membership, service and support…..over 1000 years!!
  3. Don’t let the white hair, semi-white or lightly coloured hair fool you…we are young at heart. welcome all ages and represent most of the generations at Maple Grove.
  4. May of us practise meditation and participate in the programs offered at Maple Grove: e.g. Tuesday Evening’s Contemplative Prayer and Saturday Morning’s Zen Meditation. We enjoy Mediation during our service as well as other quiet times to reflect.
  5. Because we come to know each other well, we have a bonding fellowship. We are not only compassionate and caring in times of crisis but celebrate “happy days” as well. We’d like to get to know you!
  6. We enjoy the occasional musical offerings given by the choir, children choir, the Bell choir (monthly!) as well as musical soloists (instrumental and vocal). We appreciate their efforts on our behalf. Special thanks to our new organist for seeking and accommodating our preferences.
  7. We can’t recall the last time a baptism was held at our service. It would be a welcome addition for us.
  8. If you’re into fashion, you’ll be please with fashion consciousness in our group. Both its stylishness and uniqueness….come enjoy us!!!!
  9. For planning family time, the 9:00 am service allows the convenience and benefit to optimize the remaining hours of Sunday morning…A visit to family or friends within 100 kms is viable by the noon hour.
  10. And finally…one of the most moving reasons for many of us at the 9am service is our retreat each Sunday to St. Timothy’s (Tim Horton’s) after our service. It affords us time to bond, share special concerns, laugh, tell stories, support each other, enjoy coffee and timbits, reminisce…even discuss the sermon…sometimes…we always leave St. Timothy’s refreshed.

Thank you on behalf of the 9am service attenders to all who share our mission at Maple Grove.

Come and enjoy our service… Won’t You?