Good Friday Worship – 10:00 am March 30, 2018

Stained Glass Window at Maple Grove United
Maple Grove United Church
346 Maple Grove Drive

(100 metres south of Devon on the west side, set back from the road.
Most parking is at the rear of the church)

Maple Grove United Church welcome the ministers and members of Munn’s United, St. John’s United, St. Paul’s United and Trinity United Churches to worship together on Good Friday. We hope you will join us for fellowship and hot cross buns following worship.

For those who would like to participate in singing the combined anthem
“The Ground” by Gjielo:
Music Director, Daniel Hynek, invites you to join choir practice at Maple Grove on March 22 at 8.30pm if possible and to gather in the Friendship Room at 9.15 before worship on March 30Dress code for the choir will be black.