Changes at Maple Grove: Interim Minister & Director of Music

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An update on recruitment
Two recruitment teams are in place for upcoming transitions at Maple Grove, the retirements of Rev. Dr. Morar Murray-Hayes as of August 31st and of Dan Hynek, Director of Music, as of May 31st.

Sincere thanks to all those who have volunteered to share their time and talent on this important work!

Here is a brief update from each team:

Intentional Interim Minister
The Transition Team has been hard at work. An updated job description has been approved and an ad placed in The Observer and online. We have three applicants and initial interviews are set for Sunday April 22nd and Monday April 23rd. Once a successful candidate is selected a congregational meeting will be held to approve the appointment, following which we will seek approval from Presbytery.

The members of the Transition Team are: Alan Wheable, Chair, Sandra Onufryk, Secretary, Cameron Serles, Ilana Green, Shannon Duffin, Arnaud Painvin, Ross Gilmour, Sheila Murray (Presbytery), Paul Lamont (Presbytery).

Director of Music
The search for a new Director of Music for Maple Grove is well under way. An updated job description has been created and an ad placed.  A couple of referrals have already been received and we are awaiting more applications.

The committee meets again on May 7th, at which time they anticipate reviewing applications and setting up interviews.

The members of this team are the Chair, Cathy Dodge Smith, Secretary, Carol Gilchrist (President, Chancel Choir), Katie McGee, Jim Lilly, John Buchanan and Barb Duffin.

Stay tuned for more updates as the process unfolds …..