Helping Refugees

The Aboalagal family arrived at 9 pm on Tuesday night! Everyone is healthy and happy to be in Canada with their sister and her family who live in Clearview. Just to remind you almost 3 years ago the sister who immigrated to Canada over 17 years ago approached the church to help her brother and his wife and two daughters ( 8 and 3 1/2) to come as refugees. The sister paid all the money in advance for the sponsorship and will have them live with her until we find a suitable rental unit. These are getting very difficult to find.

Please keep the Aboalagai Family in mind if you hear of anything in the southwest of Mississauga.This family is lovely. Dad can understand quite a lot of English.  He worked for a U.S. Company in Iraq before the government was overthrown which is what got him labelled a traitor and resulted in he and his family fleeing to Lebanon and more or less hiding there until he was able to join his sister here in Oakville.

They are all very grateful to Maple Grove.

Kathryn Joaquim