United Church, General Council Internet Links

Internet Links re GC43 –

GC43 Website – all the info! https://generalcouncil43.ca/

“News” section has summary information and video interviews re many issues and events that occurred during the week.

The Digital Workbook contains lots of interesting information – ‘reports’ (find out what the wider church has been up to – all kinds of wonderful activities we rarely hear about), a section on ‘motions as passed’ lists the many proposals that were worked through at GC. Just click the blue box on the homepage to link to the workbook & go exploring.

Caretakers of the Indigenous Church – Calls to the Church document is found in the ‘reports’ section of the digital workbook. Definitely worth reading & pondering in light of truth & reconciliation.

New Moderator: Right Reverend Richard Bott – If you would like to watch the installation of Richard Bott, please click here: https://generalcouncil43.ca/news/moderator-richard-bott-closing-worship-church-hungry-change

If you would like read a bit more about the moderator and don’t get the Observer at home, please click here: https://www.ucobserver.org/faith/2018/09/meet_moderator_richard_bott/

Follow the Moderator on Face Bookhttps://www.facebook.com/ModeratorRichardBott/

Remit Implementation – all the info in one tidy place! Stay connected here to ensure you have the most up to date information, to answer your questions as we transition to new ways together https://www.united-church.ca/leadership/church-administration/remit-implementation

Pastoral Relations Transitionhttps://www.united-church.ca/leadership/supporting-ministry/pastoral-relations (Also please note there is a free webinar on Oct 1 re Pastoral Relations Update – provided through United in Learning website – https://www.united-in-learning.com/index.php/pastoral-relations-right-now )

What is an intercultural church? https://www.united-church.ca/community-faith/being-community/vision-becoming-intercultural-church

The Observer interview with GC43 intercultural observer Rev. Paul Douglas Walfall re racism in the church; note that the article contains a link to Paul’s insightful reflection made on the last day of GC43. https://www.ucobserver.org/interviews/2018/08/paul_douglas_walfall_interview/

Iridesce: The Living Apology Project https://www.iridesce.ca/about Exploring the experiences and impact of the historic 1988 General Council decision that “all persons, regardless of sexual orientation, who profess their faith in Jesus Christ are welcome to be or become members of The United Church of Canada” and “all members of the United Church are eligible to be considered for ordered ministry”.

This excellent 3 act play presented at GC43 (approx. 45 min. duration) illuminates these experiences and tells some history which may be new to some of us – https://youtu.be/a_WPStoEeD0