Maple Grove Fitness 50+

Maple Grove Fitness 50+: The “all new” Sit Fit class is a must try!

You asked and we listened: we’ve now added an indoor walking session to our Sit Fit class. Most of you had told us that this is so important to you and is often recommended by your doctor.

With the weather getting colder and the uneven sidewalks you feel more safe walking indoors. Indoor walking will be complemented with resistance training to help strengthen muscles and bones, as well as balance and flexibility training to improve range a motion.  Walking aids are welcome.

Never exercised before?  Not to worry!  Students are encouraged to go at their own pace.

Coming this November by request!

CHAIR Gentle Bodies Yoga –                                                                                   

Wednesdays 10:30-11:30 in the Friendship Room.

This is not your mama’s or grandmama’s chair yoga.

This class is ideal work those who want to practice yoga but would prefer to sit on a chair, rather than the ground. It’s ideal for those with hip and knees sensitivities. You’ll be doing the same things as our Friday Gentle Bodies. Yoga but modified using the chair as a prop.

We still need a couple more people to make this class a go so if you are interested please contact Leah at or 905.580.1457 for more info.

Also we still have spots available in our Sit Fit 10:30-1130 am and Friday Total Body Workout 9:15-10 am classes.

All classes take place in the Friendship Room and run until mid-December (we will start back up again in January).