United Church, Region 9, 2018
Let’s Talk Turkey!
Happy Thanksgiving from your Executive Minister
Although Thanksgiving Day has passed, this is the time of year when we are awestruck by the abundance around us. As we plan for our future, let’s take a moment to give thanks for:

Often, we focus on abundance as a special blessing on us and miss the call it lays upon us. It is a sign of God’s goodness and invites us to respond to that goodness. What will we do with this abundance?

The Finances of the Region
The Commission for region 9 decided early that any plans for the gifts it inherited from the Presbyteries and the Conference would need to be determined at a gathering of the region and would not be used to cover operating costs in 2019.

Working from that premise, the Commission set out a balanced budget that covered expenses with the two grants received from the denomination.

$325,000  –  from Assessment Funds
The salaries of all Executive Ministers and Executive Assistants are covered from the total assessment funds available for regional work. Then the balance is divided equally among regions. This is what is available to the region for its operation.
$289,000  –   from Mission and Service

Mission and Service
This $289,000 is dedicated to mission and ministry and provides:

$165,000 remains for:

A portion of this may also be directed to mission and ministry events/programs within the region.

The Commission is meeting soon to make decisions on the applications for mission support grants in 2019.

Assessment Funds
These funds support the decision-making structure of the region such as working in partnership with communities of faith concerning:

This is also the budget that fulfills the obligations of the region. It covers:

Due to the sharing of staff and office space, the Commission is able to cover this within the allotted amount.

What is Missing from the 2019 Budget?
In order to maximize the funds available for the operating budget of the region, the Commission decided to cover two expenses from funds it will receive from the Conference:

What about the Presbytery’s remaining assets?
This is the decision of the Presbytery.
Here are some points the Presbytery might choose to consider when making that decision:

Restricted Funds of the Presbytery
Some Presbyteries have funds that they have received for a specific purpose, i.e. support of students. If the donor designated the funds for that purpose, they need to continue to serve that purpose.

To facilitate that, the Presbytery can either:

About Restrictions
When the Presbytery forwards restricted funds to the region, it could ask that those funds only be available to recipients within its existing bounds. This may be the choice of the Presbytery but it is not the only available option. The region is the successor of the Presbytery so the Presbytery could also expand the use of the funds for the same beneficiaries across the region such as the creation of a new regional fund supporting students.

Personally, I worry about building inequities into our new system from the start, where wealth stays in one place and is not used for the benefit of all within the region.

Why forward unrestricted funds to the region?
The region has the financial wherewithal to manage its work. If we pooled the abundance of resources from our predecessors (Presbyteries and Conference), then the region might also have the capacity to foster strength and excellence in its communities of faith and ministry personnel. Imagine the possibilities!

So often, the church focuses on scarcity and loses sight of the abundance it has. Let’s shift our thinking in this season of Thanksgiving as we ponder how we will use the abundance God has entrusted to us.

Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you have further questions about the region and its financial resources. I can be reached at: csampa@united-church.ca.

Cheryl-Ann Stadelbauer-Sampa
Executive Minister, Regions 7, 8 and 9

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