Maple Grove United Church Fertilizer Sale! Saturday, April 13, 2019

59th Annual Maple Grove United Church Fertilizer Sale! Saturday, April 13,

ONE WEEK TO GO!  Submit your prepaid orders on-line or in the Fertilizer Box in the church lobby by April 8thfor Free Delivery in Oakville!    If you prefer, pick up your order April 13th in the Church parking lot.  Stop by the Gym first.

Territory Captains.  Sale Flyers delivered!  Time for follow-up phone calls to remind past customers they only have until April 8th to get their orders in and guarantee free delivery.  And don’t forget to return to the church your excess flyers and door-knob bags.

Volunteer Sign-up sheets are posted in the lobby!  Please consider signing up to help in the yard on the Sale Day April 13thWe really need to know ahead of time who is coming to help with what!   It’s also a great way for students to earn their volunteer hours on Saturday working in the yard and helping with deliveries.

Trucks!  We need trucks and drivers for our free delivery in Oakville on April 13th.  If you have a pick-up truck, van or large SUV please consider signing up for deliveries. We will provide you clear route directions and the muscle as needed to move the products.

LAWN SIGNS:  If you have a lawn sign from prior years that reads ‘Fertilizer Sale This Saturday’ put it on your lawn Sunday April 7th!   There will also be some available in the lobby this Sunday.

Green Horizons:  If you are going to buy bulk soil or mulch, please do so as per our Sale Flyer.  Quote the Loyalty/Promo Code and you’re helping Maple Grove United Church!

Keep praying for good weather for Sale Day April 13th!

Fertilizer Committee:


Neil Gartshore (Co-Chair)

Peter Williams (Co-Chair)

Greg Pope, Tom Warden, Sieg Will, Ian Taylor, Joanne Sinclair, Robert Heggie.