Kerr Street Mission, 2019

Kerr Street Mission

Did you know that 12.4% of children in Oakville live below the poverty line?

As fun and exciting summer camp can be – for so many of our families,
camp fees are beyond their budget and they can’t afford to send their
children to camp. Although we offer subsidized fees, the actual cost per
child is much more. However, we are excited about our 2019 summer
camp programming and would like to be able to bless our children with a memorable camp experience –  but we need your help!

For these children, just having adequate shelter, food on the table and                    clothing  is a daily struggle. Making summer camp memories, is usually just a dream that is impossible for so many of our dear little ones.                                          Kerr Street Mission (KSM) believes that every child should have the chance to experience summer camp and all the special memories that summer camp brings.

You can help us SEND A KID TO CAMP:
$160 will send a kid to camp for one week 
$1,300 will send a kid to camp for eight weeks
Please consider supporting our families by helping us 
Send a Kid to Camp!

You can visit Kerr Street Mission at: or call the
church office for details: 905-845-5721.