Dedication Hymn Sing Update

Dedication Hymn-Sing Service, February 09, 2020 – Update
Good News! Our Dedication Hymn Sing is fast approaching and all of the music is now set. For those attending church you can find the pledge sheets on the board outside of the kitchen. 

For our snowbirds and others who may not be able to come of February 09th, but still want to participate and support the church, here is the information you need.

To sponsor any of these performances on-line, simply go the Maple Grove Church website and click on the Please Donate Here button found at the bottom right-hand corner. When you are asked what event you are supporting, just pick the #6 Dedication Hymn Sing.Please note: Though you can sponsor the Hymn Sing right up until Feb. 09th, the last day to dedicate anything is Sunday February 02th. To ensure that your dedication is properly recognized, please email Dorothy Gartshore at with all the details. (who the dedication is for, what song and the reason, if you wish to share, for the dedication) Help Celebrate God’s presence in our lives through song.