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Biblical “2020”: Wednesdays March 4. – 7:00 PM in the Chapel
In a recent speech to the staff of The New York Times, publisher A. G. Sulzberger declared that of all the trends that made news in the 2010s, there were three that he believes will continue to have an impact, not just for this year or the decade ahead, but “for generations to come”. He identified these as: (1) the rise of right-wing populism in liberal democracies around the world; (2) climate change and environmental destruction; and (3) the impact of technology on society. Our faith speaks powerfully to all of these issues.
Join in a three-part series exploring the Bible for:
(1) The foundational principles and ideals of true democracy. Yes, they are there in the Bible. We will “pan for gold” to uncover the shining truths of God’s vision for society.
(2) The environmental ethics of the Scriptures and how the Bible calls us to relationship with the earth.
(3) The role of the church in “de-fracturing” and “re-humanizing” a world where technology seems to be breaking community more than building it.