Government of Canada Information on COVID-19

United Church Information on COVID-19

The Covid-19 coronavirus currently at large in the world is causing varying degrees of anxiety.  So far in Canada we are not as severely affected.  Nonetheless, it would seem prudent and respectful that all of us in our community of faith at Maple Grove United consider taking some precautions.  Here are some recommendations:

  1. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms or general tiredness, OR if you have been commuting to work on a daily basis OR if have recently returned from travel outside of Canada – you might consider refraining from attending church services for the next two weeks.  You may not be exhibiting coronavirus symptoms, but it is possible that you might be a carrier.
  2. If you do attend our services of worship and are out and about in general, a leading Canadian microbiologist recommends we all take these precautions:
    • No Handshaking.  Use fist pumps, elbow knocks, non-contact acknowledgements, etc.
    • Carry disinfectant handwipes to use on shopping cart handles, books you might pick up, anything that may have been touched by someone else.
    • If you have a cough, cough into a disposable tissue and dispose of it quickly, rather than into your sleeve or a handkerchief.  The fabric will still hold the germs.
    • Wash hands frequently using soap and water for at least 10 to 20 seconds after contact with any possibly infected surface.
    • Use only a knuckle to activate light switches or elevator buttons.  Use a paper towel around the handle when pumping gas and wash hands afterwards any way.
    • Have 60%+ alcohol sanitizer handy and use it when present in any public space.  Have sanitizer handy at all entrances to your own house and in your car.
    • Consider stocking up on and using latex gloves and wear them when going about your errands, or at work touching keyboards, railings, etc.
    • Wearing a mask that covers your mouth and nose is optional.  The virus lives on surfaces and is not airborne.  What is important is refraining from touching your mouth or nose with a bare hand or fingers or rubbing your eyes.

Watch for further updates on preventive measures we can choose to take. 

Pray for those who are affected.  Pray that people will be diligent enough to take precautions. Pray that researchers will eventually find a vaccine that works.