Midweek Meditation 9

Spring has certainly been
Cool and cloudy days aplenty;
some with rain. 
And then,
the heat.
Summer showing up early?
While everything else seems late:
the delayed return
of some song birds,
the slowness of flowers
to burst into bloom;
the lethargy of leaves
appearing on trees. 
Crocuses barely began to open
by the end of March.
Daffodils, hyacinths, tulips waited until
after Easter.
Maybe it’s just me,
but I believe I recall that
they used to
bless our homes and gardens
before the end of March.
Another testimony
to global warming?
And yet, the skies
are clearer and more blue.

This different Spring
of global warning
under the shroud
of Covid-19
has changed
our social climate.

Our bodies politic,
our economic systems
already under fire, already needing to shift,
will, of necessity, receive
a more radical readjustment.
We can no longer
court disaster,
except at greater peril.
And our interactions
will undergo
great overhauls:
“Keep in touch” will not be the same,
greetings will often
find some new alternatives,
safe space will be
measured more than
by distance.
Social networks may
find augmented net worth.

This coming stage
of evolution
may also be
a time, a sign