Fertilizer Sale, 2020!

Fertilizer Pop-Up/Pick-Up Sale 2020

Provincial and local restrictions on non-essential businesses were revised as of May 11th.  This prompted your Fertilizer Committee to swing into action and quickly plan a one day pop-up/pick-up sale of our remaining inventory.  After clearing our operational plans with the Province, Town and MGUC Council, we had less than 2 weeks to make it happen.   

By Friday May 22nd we had sold 456 bags of fertilizer and seed, 90% of our inventory, to over 100 customers through our on-line ordering system, and collected payment on all orders.  Saturday morning we opened our socially responsible out-door sale in the back parking lot and by 2:30 pm had fulfilled all our orders to our customers’ trunks!  

Adding the contribution from our partner Green Horizons for every bag of soil or mulch they sold where the customer used our special loyalty code, we are very pleased to report that not only did we reduce our inventory in storage to just a handful of bags, but we covered our expenses for 2020 and will make a contribution back to Maple Grove United Church.  

Remember you can still support Maple Grove United Church and save $5.00 by using our loyalty code MAPGROVE20 on orders of soil or mulch from Green Horizons until June 30th

Thank you to all the customers that supported us.  Thank you to our on-line system programmers for getting us ready so quickly.  And most of all, thank you to the volunteers who donned the PPE and worked the sale for us.

It may not have been the sale we would have wanted for our 60th year but in the end the success was even more satisfying under the circumstances.  See you in 2021 for our 61st Annual Maple Grove United Church Fertilizer and Lawn Care Sale.  Happy Gardening!  

Maple Grove United Church Fertilizer Committee.