Update – New Minister Search

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, many of us haven’t spoken for a bit so it is time for an update from the search committee.  We have completed our initial review of candidates and, for a variety of reasons, have not found a candidate that we can recommend to the congregation. The current pandemic has had a significant impact on the search — many ministers feel duty bound to support their existing congregations through the situation, others are uncomfortable with the risk that a move might entail in such an environment and, of course, it has curtailed our ability to meet candidates face-to-face.

We continue to seek a suitable candidate. The number of applications has picked up again and we have a number of applications and referrals that we are in the midst of assessing. We remain confident that the Holy Spirit has a plan for Maple Grove and that it will be revealed to us as we move forward.

Questions or comments can be forwarded to a committee member.

Respectfully submitted,

David Freeman
Barb Duffin
Ross Gilmour
Kim MacKay
Cameron Serles
Susan Topp
Joan Vinall-Cox