Daycare Open with Restrictions

The daycare is now opened. There are restrictions to space availability for the church visitors and the daycare. Please read carefully:

  • We have installed sanitation stations throughout the church please use them.
  • Please sanitize before and after you have signed in.
  • Please stop at the membership desk as you will be required to sign in by printing the date of your visit, your name and contact information.
  • We are asking you to bring a mask if you are entering the church.
  • We have programmed the doors that the accessible door is the only entrance to the church by church staff and church visitors.
  • To access the church office the door to the right after the membership desk is the new entrance door to the church office area. To exit please use the door at the bottom of the stairwell where you entered. If you are unable to use the stairs, then you can use the elevator to access the second floor.
  • Visitors are to use the gym washrooms and the accessible washroom by the membership desk in the lobby only. There are disinfecting supplies so please use them after you use the facilities.
  • Caution tape has been placed to border off the daycare usable space and the church usable space. We ask that these be followed for the safety of you, our visitors and the daycare staff and children.
  • Boys and girls’ washrooms by the Friendship Room and the kitchen are for Daycare use only. There is no access for church use.