Yezedi Woman Update

Recently the Outreach Committee presented you with an appeal to help a second Yezedi girl reunite with her mother. Some new information has come to light which we would like to share with you. The girl has made it to a refugee camp in Iraq, after being purchased out of sex “slavery” by her family. This is not an unusual situation. Girls are regularly put up for sale by human traffickers at a cost of about 10k to 20k USD depending on their health or “desirability” The young girl’s mother is desperate to go to the refugee camp to reunite with her daughter and help her get the medical and dental assistance she needs. We hope it will not be long before she can join her mother and two younger siblings in Toronto.

If you have not donated please help the Mom to go to Iraq (the airport there opens up next week) to see her daughter. The rest of the funds will be used for the daughter’s airfare and to help with the costs of resettlement. Anything you could do would be deeply appreciated.Please put a cheque in the lockbox on the wall to the right of the back doors of the church.