If you’d like to greet people you know and miss seeing, maybe leave a message saying “hello!” in the Comment space below. Or you might want to say something about the service Rev. Harry or the music people. You can do that in the Comment space below.

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  1. Thank you Harry, Deborah, Eran, and Al & J.C. I especially liked watching Eran’s hands as he plays, and the way he stopped, fixed things, and started again. Felt very “live”. And Harry’s message about the “broken cistern” of our culture and how COVID-19 calls us to, gives us the opportunity to, create a better, more compassionate world, really resonated with me. Thanks again, all.

  2. It has been wonderful to hear our choir sing as a group.
    I wonder if any of our choir members might be up to preparing and singing a solo piece.. miss all those wonderful faces….

    Perhaps I can direct this comment to Deborah.

    Marilyn Penley

    1. Thank you for your comment, Marilyn. I am glad to hear you are enjoying listening to our choir. The choir will have more music recorded for future services.The possibility of solos is something we are considering moving forward.


  3. Hello Al, thank you for your efforts, together with Rev Harry, the music team & JC, to technically put together the online worship for this morning. No apologies called for the slip-ups, we are aware that the team are not technical pros and lest we forget, only He is perfect! I believe all of us appreciate that we are so blessed to have our own online service during these difficult times and be inspired by the familiar Eran/Debra’s music & hymns. Thanks again, stay safe.

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