Midweek Meditation – August 19

During this slowing time that this Covid-19 pandemic has afforded us, let me continue to invite us all to take time for daily devotion or meditation.  Even fifteen minutes worth is good. These five short poems written by Meisaan Chan, an American spiritual director, can be used as calming mantras or breath prayers. As you repeat them in your mind, the suggestion is to pause for a breath after each line.

Return to the words that calm
over and over, quiet waves upon the shore

Meditation in the middle of a restless night:

Calm, calm, gentle I appear
softly I stroke your body now
lengthening muscles, breath slowing down
I am for you

A breath meditation, take up to three deep breaths after each line

breath caresses the throat
breath caresses the lungs
breath caresses the body

A meditation if you experience loss

Befriend your loss
just as you befriend your empty lungs

A meditation in a time of grief or sadness

Come to me in your sadness, come to me
and I will caress you in your tears
I will run my fingers over your sadness
I will press you into the curve of my heart
for you I will appear
there is nowhere I won’t be