Sponsoring Refugees

The pictures above are of our most recent refugee family, the Shirzads from Afghanistan via Turkey.  The mom is Mursal, the little girl is Shafia and the father is Mohsin. Their sponsorship costs were paid by their brother, Abdul  and held in trust by MGUC. Our church provided the formal sponsorship. Shafia has started school and Mursal and Mohsin are working on their English skills. They are living in Abdul’s lovely basement apartment. Soon they are to be reunited with their relatives who will arrive in early December. Abdul has purchased a house down the street for them to live in. It is very heartwarming to see a family so committed to helping their relatives.

Update from the Most Recent MGUC-Aided Refugees

First Impressions of Canada? 

We found Canada a very beautiful, multicultural, and prosperous country, people are full of Love and very kind.

Hopes for their First year of Settlement? 

 I and my husband are trying to settle in and get used to the community and start working as soon as possible, besides we will be starting English classes and find a job for me and my husband so we can work and support ourselves. Our daughter Aysha has joined the School and she is very happy.

Miss Most from Home?

Mostly family members and friends.
Also, the other good news is that my other 2 brothers with their families are coming on 08 Dec 2020. They received a call from IOM in Turkey and arranged their flight on the mentioned date. Besides that, we are fully prepared and we don’t have any problem with receiving them, I will handle them the same way I handled my brother who is already here.