Update from Our Most Recent Refugee Families

Our most recent refugee families arrived in Canada on December 8th and were able to successfully quarantine in a home in Brampton that their sponsor, Abdul Wahid, a relative here in Mississauga, rented for them.  They are all relatives of Abdul, one being a family of 6 and the other a single man.  They arrived from Afghanistan via Turkey and are quickly becoming accustomed to their new home in Canada.  These families were thrilled to join their brother / brother-in-law as well as their other relatives (family of 3) who had also been sponsored by Abdul only a few months earlier with Maple Grove’s assistance as well. 

We were able to provide them with some games, Lego and a GingerBread house kit to assist with passing the time which they took to very eagerly as the pictures above show.  The top picture is of the reunited families enjoying a meal once the quarantine period had passed.

Here is a note of thanks from the families:
  ”We found Canada a very beautiful and nice country, found ourselves very safe & comfortable by being part of the so nice and kind people of Canada, we don’t feel like we are in a strange country we have got so much love and kindness in last few weeks and feel very happy and lucky by being part of the community. Our kids are full of joy and so much excited living in such a peaceful and lovable country like Canada, for sometime when we newly arrived we were not believing that we are really in Canada. We all will be trying our level best to be as good as we can to our new home country Canada and be part of the community for our whole life where we can share values.

And we all are really very thankful to Katy, Sandra, Hugh, Gordon, Adam & Khawaka from the United Church of Canada, and all who were involved to change our lives and bring us here to Canada. You all will be in our prayers.

Kind regards,
Mohammad Nasim and Family & Mohsin Shirzad”