Barry Howie & Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron was an all star baseball player for the Milwaukee Braves and the Atlanta Braves.  He died on January 22, 2021.

In 1952 Hank joined a farm team for the Milwaukee Braves.  In 1954 Barry Howie was scouted for the same team.  Barry was playing for a farm team of the Toronto Maple Leafs which at that time was a high level minor league baseball club.

The way Barry tells it the scout talked to his father and told him the Milwaukee Braves wanted Barry to play on their farm team.  It would have meant moving to Milwaukee and Barry’s father said no way.  Barry has always said his father was right because he would never have been able to take Hank’s place in the same position which was outfielder.

I spent many a date night at a baseball diamond watching Barry and his team play.

Mary Jane Howie