Easter Saturday April 3rd – 5 Oakville Churches


Munn’s, Trinity, Maple Grove, St. John’s, St. Paul’s United Churches
10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

MUNN’S UC (5 Dundas Street East) – Jesus is betrayed and arrested
Drive into the parking lot where you will be directed to look at a display depicting the arrest of Jesus. If you wish you will be offered a scripture reading and a prayer to accompany you on your journey.
We will finish at noon.

TRINITY UC (1250 McCraney Street East) – Jesus is tried and condemned to death
Please enter the parking lot off of Sewell Drive, on the south side of the church. Signage indicating the display will be visible. You are welcome to exit your vehicle to observe, as well as take information sheets provided.

MAPLE GROVE UC (346 Maple Grove Drive) – Jesus is mocked by the soldiers/Others help carry the cross
Drive in and slowly go around the front circle or park if you would like. Witness those that help Jesus carry the cross or you may carry the cross for a moment (if you have parked).  A description of this part of the pilgrimage will be provided, along with a prayer.  
Donations of unused socks or used/unused shoes will be collected at Maple Grove for local missions assisting street people.   

ST. JOHN’S UC (262 RANDALL STREET)  – Jesus on the cross and his death
Please come north on Dunn Street as the cross will be on the east lawn just south of the Church.  You may only be able to pause on the street but if you wish to receive a wooden cross made from please roll down your window and a volunteer will hand one to you.

ST. PAUL’S UC (454 Rebecca Street)  – Jesus taken down from the cross and laid in a tomb
St. Paul’s has two entrances into its parking lot.  Enter the east entrance, closest to the YMCA.  You will drive to the right and drive in front of the church along Rebecca Street.  People will be handing out flyers and saying hello.  You are invited to bring items for Food4Kids Halton.  They need the following items: Canned Soup, Canned ham/chicken/turkey, baked beans in tomato sauce, Annie’s or Kraft Mac & Cheese, canned chickpeas or beans, canned pasta, Uncle Bens Bistro Express Basmati Rice, and grocery store gift cards in any amount.

Were You There
(African-American Spiritual)