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    1. Hi Bruce,
      Happy Easter! Thanks for your comment on the collaborative effort to bring the joy of Easter into the homes of many.

      Hope you and your family have a joyous Easter day.

      Stay safe and keep well.
      Rev. Kerry

    1. Hello Carol,
      Thanks for your comment and I will make sure it gets passed onto the director, Eran, and the children’s choir. It was wonderful to hear them sing joyfully for the Easter service.

      Happy Easter! Alleluia!!!
      Rev. Kerry

    1. Dave,
      Happy Easter!!! Alleluia! Thanks for your comment and it is a gifted team that makes it all come alive so we can celebrate a joyous Easter.

      Continue to stay safe and keep well.

      Easter Blessings!
      Rev. Kerry

  1. Thank you to all who have made the wonderful Easter Season Services to help us celebrate Easter. Thanks especially to Al Wheable, J.C. Berubé, and, especially, Rev Kerry.

    1. Happy Easter Joan,
      Thank you for your comment and thanks to you as well for the work you do in order that the pre-recorded service available to all through the Maple Grove website.

      May the joy of Easter be with you always! He is Risen!!! Alleluia!
      Rev. Kerry

  2. Thanks everyone who participated in the beautiful Easter service. I enjoyed the music and especially hearing the children’s choir. Thank you Rev Kerry for your moving Easter message

  3. Thank you for the beautiful Easter Service. The music was great and the church looked very well. The cross is a nice touch. Rev. Kerry’s Easter garments and sermon–well done!!!

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