The Neighbour Care Network (NCN) team at MGUC

The Neighbour Care Network (NCN) team at MGUC is offering free memberships!

Who we are:

  • We are a team of eleven working with Kerr Street Mission (KSM) to give a hand-up to people who have run into some misfortune but are willing to work to improve their situation.
  • We work in teams of two or three which allows us to divide the tasks and provide support
  • We now have three active cases caused by a combination of: a workplace accident, a mental health issue, physical abuse, a death in the family and ongoing medical conditions.

Kerr Street has asked us to take on more cases and we need additional volunteers – like you.

Why you will want to join us:

  • Volunteering allows you to stay socially active, meet new people and participate in your community.
  • Opportunities for social participation, community engagement, and connecting with others are critical for your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Good health, social connections and showing respect for culture and diversity all impact our overall quality of life.
  • You will only be asked to invest the time that you have to offer. Training and support are provided.

As a first step why not take in an orientation session scheduled by NCN/KSM:

Topic: Neighbour Care Network Orientation
Time: Nov 25, 2021 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting by getting the link from

And as a second step you can contact any of us to learn more and join with us.

NCN – MGUC team

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  • Gloria Tomlinson (
  • Judy Lilly (
  • Cathy Dodge Smith (
  • Darlene Morden (
  • Jean Anne Davis (
  • Gay Loveland (
  • Jim Lilly (
  • Pat Aston (
  • Chrissy Lilly (

Best wishes

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November 17, 2021