A Poem by Andy King – Posted in His Memory

From his Poetry Blog – https://earth2earth.wordpress.com/ WILDERNESS(Matthew 4: 1-11) How few of us know wilderness,here in these towns, sprawling cities,the gray of their streets,green shrunk down todots of lawn, patches […]

Remembering Andy King

A Message from Maple Grove Council Andy King was all about people, poetry and passion:  his larger-than-life greetings to all who came into the church, his wonderful way with words […]

Tribute to Andy from Rev. Sam Parkes

Andy’s Poetic Blog Many of us who are alumni and members of Maple Grove United Church in Oakville, Ontario are heartbroken at the news of the death of Andy King, […]

One Person’s Thanksgiving

ONE PERSON’S THANKSGIVING(Luke 17: 11-19) I have never been blighted by leprosy,nor lived in a place called Samaria.I have not known the rejection, the hatethat some people have knownbecause of […]

Lenten Bible Study

“FRIDAY FAITH”How do we move through our Good Fridays of difficulty, of challenge, of suffering?Beginning Wednesday evening, March 6, a five-part series on the Seven Last Words of Christ from […]