Midweek Meditation – August 19

During this slowing time that this Covid-19 pandemic has afforded us, let me continue to invite us all to take time for daily devotion or meditation.  Even fifteen minutes worth […]

Midweek Meditation 9

Spring has certainly beendifferent.Cool and cloudy days aplenty;some with rain. And then,the heat.Summer showing up early?While everything else seems late:the delayed returnof some song birds,the slowness of flowersto burst into bloom;the […]

Mid-Week Meditation (6)

One of the positives that’s arising during this pandemic crisis that has forced most of us into social distancing, staying home, limited travels, and self-isolation is that we are discovering […]

Midweek Meditation, April 22

Mid-Week Meditation (5) My eighty-something neighbour told me recently that she’s doing okay during this bizarre time. Her husband, however, according to her, is building ladders in every room; i.e., wanting […]

Midweek Meditation, April 15

MORE ON SELF-CARE AND STRESS RELIEF The daily bits of humour being passed along online are helpful to me.  Recently, there was a video of two airplanes taking off from […]

Holy Saturday – A Meditation

“I Am the Resurrection and the Life” He breathes beneath the face-mask,laboured breaths,hoping the fever might subside,receiving drips to help his lungs break up congestion,listening to the beeping of the […]


“I Am the True or Real Vine” Rootedness could bea prerequisite for righteousness,or right relationships. There is security in feeling grounded. There is the receptiveness to being nourished,the osmosis processof acquiring nutrients, […]

A Maundy Thursday Meditation

Thursday of Holy Week – A Maundy Thursday Meditation “I Am the Bread of Life” We were never on welfarebut I know there were times early onwhen my parents had […]

Wednesday of Holy Week – A Meditation

“I Am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life” Disorientation dishevels one’s spirit;dislocation disturbs one’s roots;and social distancing takes scythes to one’s psyche.One can feel lost while still at […]

Tuesday of Holy Week – A Meditation

“I am the Light of the World” Radiancethrough whom we get glimpses of the invisible,hear our prayers: Issue something like a recycled papal bull,Lumen Gentium.  Bathe our consciousness in starbursts of […]