Midweek Meditation 18

Well, here we are, that kind of Bob Hope moment (“Thanks for the Memories”) or Carol Burnett closing (“I’m so glad we had this time together”). Two years of Interim […]

Midweek Meditation 16

Coping with Covid-19; and, hopefully, not feeling crushed or exceedingly cramped.  This week pretty much marks the four-month mark since the virus showed up in Canada.  By and large, our […]

Midweek Meditation 13

“Love your neighbour as you love yourself”      I am fairly confident that most of us make some effort, even go beyond our normal limits, to implement the first half […]

Midweek Meditation 12

There it was, right in the middle of last Sunday’s sermon. It didn’t catch me until sometime on Sunday afternoon, even though the sermon was recorded on Friday. Just before I […]

Midweek Meditation 11

If We Are Really in This Together … There are lots of signs of encouragement, new empowerment and the positive sharing of ideas, care, assistance, helpful hints, meditative and relaxation […]


by Rev. Harry Disher As our pandemic captivity persists, I am becoming conscious of some new learnings and discoveries about life and faith, and some heightened awareness.  In coming weeks, […]