Good News about Afghani Refugees

Ziba, Aziz and their four children escaped a dangerous situation in Afghanistan several years ago and settled in Turkey while they awaited a sponsor to bring them to Canada. Thanks […]

Outreach Update – Family Reunited

You may remember Ronia, Nadre’s daughter who was separated from her family at 11 years old and sold into captivity by ISIS three times before finally finding freedom. It took […]

Maple Grove and Refugees

An interview with Hugh Wanless, Chair of the the Maple Grove United Outreach Committee The Teaser . . . The Full Interview . . .

Oakville Helps Afghani Refugees

The people of Oakville are coming together to help Afghani refugees to a better life. An example is the neighbourhood group, headed by Vanessa Barr which has formed a partnership […]

Afghan Refugee Families Update, January 2022

While we put up our Christmas trees, purchased last minute gifts, ordered our turkeys and secretly wrapped up presents, two of our Afghani families were doing something very different. They, […]


Local churches are partnering to assist Afghan refugees desiring to come to Canada. Maple Grove United Church has successfully settled two families, with two more families in Turkey waiting to […]

Afghanistan Refugees Update

Word is getting out that Maple Grove and Munn’s United Church, plus a third church (awaiting formal approval) plan to bring Afghan refugees to Canada. Thank you for sharing this […]

Update from Our Most Recent Refugee Families

Our most recent refugee families arrived in Canada on December 8th and were able to successfully quarantine in a home in Brampton that their sponsor, Abdul Wahid, a relative here in […]

Sponsoring Refugees

The pictures above are of our most recent refugee family, the Shirzads from Afghanistan via Turkey.  The mom is Mursal, the little girl is Shafia and the father is Mohsin. […]