6 thoughts on “August 9 – Worship

  1. A lovely, meaningful,and comforting service. The music was wonderful.
    Thank you to all who contributed,

  2. Barb, thank you for your sharing your thoughtful reflections on trust, a rather hazy line during these days of covid; and the excellent support from the reading, music & technical teams that has kept MGUC’s Sunday on-line worship a very trustworthy resource every week. Thank you, stay safe.

  3. Thanks for a powerful service. A deeply moving sermon, (thanks Barb & John), great music, (thanks Mike, Deborah, and Eran), and video that shows us our sanctuary (and Eran’s fingers!), (Al and J.C.).

  4. Wonderful service. Thank you so much to all who make this happen. Barb and Ross, your sermons have been inspiring.

  5. Thank you Barb and the worship team. I really appreciated this service. And the Haydn sonata was amazing.

  6. Great service . Your sermon Barb was insightful. Thanks to all to law it happen and music was great

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