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Poinsettia Pickup


Your poinsettia team are poised and ready to make next Saturday December 4th’s pick up of your plants go as smoothly as possible! Following the great success of last year we ask that you “drive through” the circle at the front of the church by the Friendship room between 10 am and 2 p.m. and advise a volunteer of your name. Your plant order will brought to your car.

Please have safe spot ready to load. Poinsettias like warm cars so this way we can ensure the plants stay beautiful while you get them directly home!

Please be advised that we will not be equipped to offer covid screening in the church so entry will be restricted to volunteers who have been prescreened. If you need to communicate with us up to the day of pick up please use our email

If you have not yet paid for your order, please do so before Saturday or bring it with you at pick up. Thank you sooo much for your support of the sale! It is a win win when we help the ongoing needs of the church and you get to enjoy the holiday season with the colourful beauty of a poinsettia!

Enjoy and a Safe, Healthy and Joyous Christmas!
Patty and her Poinsettia Pals

The Neighbour Care Network (NCN) team at MGUC

The Neighbour Care Network (NCN) team at MGUC is offering free memberships!

Who we are:

  • We are a team of eleven working with Kerr Street Mission (KSM) to give a hand-up to people who have run into some misfortune but are willing to work to improve their situation.
  • We work in teams of two or three which allows us to divide the tasks and provide support
  • We now have three active cases caused by a combination of: a workplace accident, a mental health issue, physical abuse, a death in the family and ongoing medical conditions.

Kerr Street has asked us to take on more cases and we need additional volunteers – like you.

Why you will want to join us:

  • Volunteering allows you to stay socially active, meet new people and participate in your community.
  • Opportunities for social participation, community engagement, and connecting with others are critical for your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Good health, social connections and showing respect for culture and diversity all impact our overall quality of life.
  • You will only be asked to invest the time that you have to offer. Training and support are provided.

As a first step why not take in an orientation session scheduled by NCN/KSM:

Topic: Neighbour Care Network Orientation
Time: Nov 25, 2021 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting by getting the link from

And as a second step you can contact any of us to learn more and join with us.

NCN – MGUC team

  • Brenda Lewis (
  • Gloria Tomlinson (
  • Judy Lilly (
  • Cathy Dodge Smith (
  • Darlene Morden (
  • Jean Anne Davis (
  • Gay Loveland (
  • Jim Lilly (
  • Pat Aston (
  • Chrissy Lilly (

Best wishes

John Berg (

November 17, 2021

Fall Cleanup, 2021

Fall Cleanup

Saturday, November 27 — 9:00 a.m. to 12 Noon
The main task will be to rake leaves.
We could also use help to work on the flower beds.

Maple Grove United Church COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Proof of full vaccination (two doses, with a minimum period of 14 days from the date of receiving the second dose) is required for everyone entering the church building including
:·     those attending in-person worship services, including weddings, funerals, and any other special services in the church.
·     attendees at rental events/meetings/concerts.
·     Staff (anyone paid by the church)
·     contractors
·     Lay leaders, volunteers, adult music groups, attendees at church meetings and events.

Exemptions from this requirement are
children who are not currently eligible for vaccination,
any individual producing proof of a medical exemption and
anyone receiving pastoral care from a minister.  

Individuals producing proof of a medical exemption must produce a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours prior to entering. Exceptions may be made for crisis counselling situations.

Apart from young children, it is mandatory to wear a mask while in the building and to observe social distancing protocols.

Tenants and other users are responsible for ensuring that MGUC’s policies are implemented and adhered to. 
Unanimously Approved by MGUC Council October 20, 2021

Maple Grove United Church Annual Report, 2020 – 2021

“We are pleased to provide this 2021 Annual Report of the vibrant community of faith that is Maple Grove United Church, “Where the Spirit Soars, and the Heart Finds a Home”. These pages reflect the dedication and commitment of many people to the life of our church and our ministries of service to others, at home and abroad.

Throughout a year that presented unprecedented challenge, we continued to offer weekly virtual worship with the inspirational music that is a hallmark of Maple Grove. This would not have been possible without the tremendous contributions of our dedicated technology team and Worship Committee, for which we are very grateful. The experience we acquired through the last year has informed our plans to continue delivering worship virtually after we can safely resume gathering in our sanctuary.”

The Agenda:
1. Approve the Annual Financial Statements for the year ended June 30, 2021
2. Appoint the professional independent reviewer of the Fiscal 2022 financial statements
3. Appoint the Maple Grove Church Council and Committee Chairs for 2022
4. Presentation from the Stewardship Committee


Local churches are partnering to assist Afghan refugees desiring to come to Canada. Maple Grove United Church has successfully settled two families, with two more families in Turkey waiting to come and expected here by next spring. Three more families in desperate situations are hoping to escape from Afghanistan. These are the families that are going to need your help. Maple Grove United, Knox Presbyterian and Munn’s United have each pledged to sponsor one family. Glen Abbey United and St. John’s United have promised to help raise funds.

It costs about $40,000 for the year to sponsor a family as the sponsoring church is responsible for all living costs for that period. Raising the funds is difficult but aspects of the settlement work such as finding affordable accommodation and jobs can be equally challenging. Over the past twenty years declining church attendance has made it even more difficult to raise funds and find a team of active volunteers to engage in the many aspects of settlement work. Considering churches are responsible for almost all the non governmental sponsorship of refugees in Canada this raises concerns about how this system will function in the future.

Therefore, we have decided to expand our appeal to the broader community. Your donations will be used to pay for apartments (this is the biggest cost) and buy groceries and to pay for any items we do not receive as donations or in kind. Right now the focus is on raising money as we cannot send the application forms to the government until the money is in the bank.

So once again we are calling on you to help out. You have seen the situation and heard the stories on your television and computers. You know what is going on. Please give these people a hand. It is the only way for them to find freedom and safety.

To donate, just follow one of these steps:

1) Go to the Maple Grove United Church website and press the “Please DONATE here” button at the bottom of the first page, click on “Afghani Refugees”.

2) Drop a cheque off at the church. There is a drop-box on the brick wall near the doors off the parking lot at the back of the building.

3) Mail a cheque marked “Afghanistan refugee fund” to Maple Grove United Church, 346 Maple Grove Road, Oakville, Ontario, L6J 4V5.

100% of donations will go to the families’ needs as there are no administration or overhead costs. Everyone involved is a volunteer. All donors will receive a tax receipt.

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