Monday of Holy Week – A Meditation

“I Am the Door”

Once they had to rip open the roof
just to get close. 
Soon, they came to understand
that access to the holy
was less difficult, took less effort. 
Just ask, seek, knock. 
Just call on Jesus’ name, come into his presence.

I wonder if we’ve made it too complex
for people in our time;
too dependent on intermediaries,
or certain rituals, the right words,

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Cathie Painvin

Arnaud wrote – We are sincerely & politely requesting that you refrain from sending us messages of condolence via phone, email or text. We already know very well how you feel about Cathie and you sharing those with us is unnecessary.
I hope you respect this request of mine and and are not offended by it. 
For me, silence from the heart is more meaningful and powerful than words – especially at this time.

The medical care of and compassion of the staff at Ian Anderson –

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Midweek Meditation, April 1

Self-Care and Stress Relief – Rev. Harry Disher

cleaning lady phoned last week.  She told
us that she has chosen to self-isolate and keep social distance, so she would
not be coming around.  She then gave us
instructions on what to do.

This is
just one sample of hundreds, perhaps thousands of light-hearted email messages
that can help us find relief, even some sanity, during these bizarre and
troubling times. The stressors are real and so self-care and stress management
are important as we practice self-isolation and social distancing. 

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New Minister Search Update

The Maple Grove search committee has continued to move forward. Like most of us, the current environment has necessitated that we adjust our practices to use video conferencing and other tools so that we can meet the current directives for social distancing and reduced travel. Some highlights since our last update:
– We have supplemented our ChurchHub ad with an ad at Broadview, the Observer successor;
– We have reviewed all the candidates listed on the ChurchHub as available and approached those we feel might be a fit;- We have been approached by a number of candidates and have completed the initial discussions with those.-There are a number of potential candidates and we will conduct the next phase of the discernment process after the busy Lent and Easter seasons.Questions or comments can be forwarded to a committee member.

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Despite all our continuing fears, anxieties, worries, discomforts, and inconveniences, there is good news and there are multiple reasons to offer gratitude.

Let us salute, applaud, and pray for frontline medical practitioners, doctors and nurses and clinicians, who are daily striving to plank the curve of a very nasty and voracious virus.

Let us salute, applaud, and pray for researchers striving to create and find a vaccine or two; and manufacturing operators who are busy retooling to replenish shortages of needful supplies like face masks,


Fertilizer Sale Cancelled

In keeping with the recent restrictions imposed by the Provincial and Federal Governments to shut down non-essential businesses, practice prudent social distancing and essentially stay at home, we cannot in all good conscience ask our volunteers and customers alike to take the risk that the Covid-19 virus is transmitted through our efforts to deliver our fertilizer and lawn care products at this time. Therefore, we are shutting down the sale effective immediately.

Customers who have already submitted paid orders will receive a full refund in the same manner as their payment: 

Credit card customers will receive a credit back on their credit card.

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Kerr Street Mission & COVID-19

Dear Friends,

The reality of the restrictions and constraints that have been imposed over the last few days because of the COVID-19 virus, will likely mean a loss of income for many – and that will result in significant hardship, difficulties and distress.

There are a lot more people in Oakville than most of us realize struggling day to day to provide the basic necessities for themselves and their families. Others have been getting by, however they have no savings to fall back on and will find themselves in a desperate situation if their income changes.

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Grief and Stress Support Team

I am grateful three people from our Maple Grove United Church family have agreed to share with me in offering support and a listening ear to anyone in our community of faith who is experiencing some difficulty with recent grief and loss, or the stressors of self-isolation and social distancing during this health-endangering pandemic. If you feel a need for counsel and conversation here are our names and contact information.:
– Rev. Harry Disher (519) 860-9198;
– Ilana Green  

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