Earlier this year, the company that provides MGUC with tree care services and free mulch, The Tree Specialists (  approached Maple Grove United Church with an idea. They wanted to plant a maple tree to commemorate Canada’s 150th Anniversary, and they thought what better place than Maple Grove United Church on Maple Grove Drive!

We graciously accepted their generous offer and on April 28th, to celebrate Arbour Day, a new Autumn Blaze Maple tree was planted in our front lawn.… Read more A NEW MAPLE TREE FOR MAPLE GROVE 

IMNA Survey Results


IMNA Survey Results
Thank you to all our church members who stayed after services last Sunday to listen to the IMNA results presentation. Based on the number of bodies in the pews it’s obvious that this was of great interest to the congregation. Here is a quick summary of the results:

  • We feel connected to our church, with strong ties to both Maple Grove and the United Church in general.

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Maple Grove United Church is proud to sponsor the 4th Trafalgar Scout Troup.

There are different scout groups that cater to the different ages of boys and girls that meet at the church through the week.

  • Monday:  Rangers at 7:00pm – ages 15-17
  • Tuesday:  Algonquin Cub Pack at 7:00 pm – ages 8-10
  • Thursday: Mohawk Cub Pack at 7:00 pm – ages 8-10

*Monthly Monday: Venturers at 7:00 pm –

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Andy King’s Blog

This week Andy King’s poetry website surpassed 100 000 views! Through Andy’s ministry, so many have been enriched spiritually, and through the many ministers who, like I, have been including Andy’s poetry in our worship services regularly, Andy’s ministry has reached many thousands of worshippers.

Check out his blog at

Such a great gift to Christians globally! Thank you, Andy.
Rev. Morar

Here’s an example:

(John 4: 5-42)

How often have I come here,

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Voices of the Prophets – A Multi-faith program for adults

To download a printable file of the study materials

click here – Voices of the Prophets

An Animated Aid to Bible Study
Whether for the Voices of the Prophets or other reasons, we need all the help we can get. The Bible Project ( link The Bible Project) is working to give us short entries of 5 – 7 minutes of animated guidance. The following is a link to the completed segments on YouTube: Bible Project Videos on YouTube

Sign up to the Voices of the Prophets Sessions
by emailing Maple Grove United Church:

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Sermon Series – Misereor – Hunger Cloth

Misereor – Hunger Cloth

This creation of the Haitian artist Jacques-Richard Chéry belongs to Maple Grove United Church. It will be the inspiration for a series of sermons exploring who Christ is for our world today. Join us over the next several weeks to reflect on the intersection of scripture, art and your own life.

Blessings, Morar

April 9: Palm / Passion Sunday;
Rev. Dr. Morar Murray-Hayes

Crucifixion / Tree of Life

April 2: Blessed Assurance

“I Come to the Garden Alone”… Read more Sermon Series – Misereor – Hunger Cloth