Golfing Grovers, June 24th, 2019

Rain Date Change – Monday, June 24

Great News! The ‘Golfing Grovers’ registration form is now available

Maple Grove 6th golf tournamentDownload

This year, our sixth, not quite annual, golf tournament will take place on Monday, June 24, 2019 at Trafalgar Golf and Country Club. In addition to a great golf course, Trafalgar also has a brand-new clubhouse to enjoy.

Don’t Golf. No Problem. Come on out and enjoy the camaraderie on the clubhouse deck,

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Send a Kid to Camp Fundraising Barbecue June 2nd

Maple Grove United Church families join 4th Trafalgar’s Venturers and Rovers as they host a fundraising barbecue to “Send A Kid to Camp” for Kerr Street Mission.

The Barbecue will be held Sunday, June 2nd 

  • from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the church,
    • after the Annual General Meeting. 
  • Buy your ticket in advance after the service on Sunday, May 26th.

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Asset Mapping

Asset Mapping Workshop
The Transition Team invites you to participate in this insightful and energizing exercise on Sunday June 9th after morning worship. It will take only an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.

We will work together to name and collate the personal and tangible assets we have available to us as we undertake Ministry and Mission.
We will see if there are any short- or long-term action plans we can put into place now as we prepare for the future God has in mind for us.

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MGUC’s Variety Show for the Anniversary Weekend! 2019

Maple Grove Arts Event!

Saturday, May 25th, 7:00 pm: 

MGUC is holding a Variety Show for the Anniversary Weekend!
Singers, dancers, poets, musicians and our wonderful choirs will all grace the stage that night.

Please come out and support our community and talents, tickets are only $15 for adults, $10 for youth (12-17 years) and $5 for children under 12.  

Tickets available for sale on Eventbrite.

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Kerr Street Mission, 2019

Did you know that 12.4% of children in Oakville live below the poverty line?

As fun and exciting summer camp can be – for so many of our families,
camp fees are beyond their budget and they can’t afford to send their
children to camp. Although we offer subsidized fees, the actual cost per
child is much more. However, we are excited about our 2019 summer
camp programming and would like to be able to bless our children with a memorable camp experience –  

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Seconds for Stewardship – Good News!  We have gifts to share!

Called to be the Church: Loving Our Neighbours!

It has been some months since our Stewardship campaign has ended and we thank all members of the congregation who have made their commitment to the Church for this year.

Mission is all around us!

Please remember the Church during our offerings today.

We are still looking for contributions of time, talent and treasure to the Church for this year and would appreciate any contribution that is in you to give. 

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Fertilizer 2019 – Support Maple Grove United Church

Green Horizons:  If you are going to buy bulk soil or mulch in the Big Yellow Bag any time before June 30th, please use our Loyalty/Promo Code TMGUC9when you call your order in by phone or place your order online.   Green Horizons will make a donation to the church for every order quoting our Loyalty/Promo Code.   And now you can also save $10.00 if you place your order before May 15th.  Thank you for your support!     

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