Kerr Street Mission, 2019

Did you know that 12.4% of children in Oakville live below the poverty line?

As fun and exciting summer camp can be – for so many of our families,
camp fees are beyond their budget and they can’t afford to send their
children to camp. Although we offer subsidized fees, the actual cost per
child is much more. However, we are excited about our 2019 summer
camp programming and would like to be able to bless our children with a memorable camp experience –  

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Seconds for Stewardship – Good News!  We have gifts to share!

Called to be the Church: Loving Our Neighbours!

It has been some months since our Stewardship campaign has ended and we thank all members of the congregation who have made their commitment to the Church for this year.

Mission is all around us!

Please remember the Church during our offerings today.

We are still looking for contributions of time, talent and treasure to the Church for this year and would appreciate any contribution that is in you to give. 

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Fertilizer 2019 – Support Maple Grove United Church

Green Horizons:  If you are going to buy bulk soil or mulch in the Big Yellow Bag any time before June 30th, please use our Loyalty/Promo Code TMGUC9when you call your order in by phone or place your order online.   Green Horizons will make a donation to the church for every order quoting our Loyalty/Promo Code.   And now you can also save $10.00 if you place your order before May 15th.  Thank you for your support!     

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Prayer Shawls Available

We have a good supply of beautiful prayer shawls available that may be given to family or friends going through a difficult time in their lives; illness, grief, surgery, changes in health, living situations.  They may also be given in times of great joy, happiness or celebration. In short, they are available to anyone you feel needs warm thoughts and prayers, or just hugs, from the MGUC family.

Bobbi-Jo is usually the central person to notify if you know of someone, and could perhaps help you select one,

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Request for Lake Scugog Camp

Once again, we are requesting donations of small articles, such as soaps, shampoos (hotel and resort items welcome!) photo size picture frames, children’s or adults books, regifted items, jewelry, playing cards, anything is acceptable!

MGUC has long supported this United Church summer camp for inner city children and CAS referrals.

The difference among other camps is the two sessions offered to single moms and their children.  Some of these women come directly from shelters. The camp offers a week long opportunity to spend safe and quality time with each other and with their children.

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Materials for a Generous Quilter

Louise Speck, a friend of Maple Grove currently living in Milton has very kindly donated approximately forty very beautiful children’s quilts to be distributed through the Prayer Shawl/Caring Team Ministry. 

Louise is extremely artistic and creative, putting together many one-of-a-kind creations, using very unusual materials. If you have extra cottons, denim, (including old jeans), flannels, lace tablecloths, fleece, quilt batt, good quality thread, Louise would welcome the contribution and consider it a challenge!

These quilts are available, 

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Towards a Motivating Vision

 As we prepare for new leadership in ministry during this Interim time another step along the way is to discern a congregation’s “motivating vision” which along with the Core Values gives direction and focus for all of the activities in ministry and mission that a congregation undertakes. 

Such a vision is not a lengthy mission statement, but rather a short, memorable “song in the heart” that everyone who participates in the life of that congregation gets to know and learn and seek to live out. 

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Neighbour Care is Hiring

Neighbour Care is Hiring

Neighbour Care (previously known as Restore) works with Kerr Street Mission to help those Oakville families needing a hand up.

Our MGUC group consists of nine individuals and we invite you to join us. 

We provide all the necessary training and we won’t let you take on more than you have the time to give. We promise. 

If you want to feel worthwhile then join us and do something worthwhile.

Get in touch with John Berg or email 

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