Message From Our Pastor


Here is a brief update to let you know that members of
our congregational Caring Team have agreed to offer daily reassurance
and check-in phone calls to some of our members who live alone and will be experiencing
more isolation than usual
during the next few weeks.

Also, while it is indeed recommended that all of us practice social distancing and self-isolation to endeavour to slow and reduce the curve of this pandemic,

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Offerings and Mission During the Pandemic Crisis

During this time of disruption in our lives, the ministry and mission of Maple Grove United is creating ways and means of still carrying on being supportive and encouraging. Worship services are being offered online; reassurance and check-in phone calls to some of our more isolated members are being offered.  A crisis counselling team is in place. Our mission commitments are being honoured. Faith and love are in action to support and sustain lives.

Your ongoing financial support during this time is appreciated. 

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Response to COVID-19 Fertilizer Sale April 04, 2020

Response to COVID-19
60th Annual Fertilizer Sale April 04, 2020

Maple Grove United Church

From the Parking Lot Facing the High School – A Secure Lockbox for Orders and Payment

Only Prepaid orders (delivery and pick up) will be handled from the Church yard April 4th.

For the greatest social distance comfort,

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Rev. Harry’s Midweek Meditation


As a conscious concern and care for public health arises daily, if not hourly, so does personal anxiety.  Our minds become distracted; our hearts, unsettled.  Spiritual practice in a time of crisis has abiding worth.  I received a copy of a practice inspired by Richard Rohr, OFM, for times of feeling dispirited and disconnected.  It offers a way of using a cue that tends to alienate or isolate us and re-deploy it as a way to connect.

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Government of Canada Information on COVID-19

United Church Information on COVID-19

The Covid-19 coronavirus currently at large in the
world is causing varying degrees of anxiety. 
So far in Canada we are not as severely affected.  Nonetheless, it would seem prudent and
respectful that all of us in our community of faith at Maple Grove United
consider taking some precautions.  Here
are some recommendations:

  1. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms or general tiredness,

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Maple Grove Fertilizer Sale, 2020

Fertilizer Sales Page –

Territory Captains: please complete delivery of Sale
Flyers and customer letters by the end of March break, March 22nd. Pease
return any unused Sale Flyers and door-knob bags to the church. Mobile signs
will go up in each Ward March 23rd. 

Volunteers:  sign-up sheets are now
posted in the lobby for help in the yard, the Day-of-Sale team in the gym and
kitchen, and help with deliveries including the loan of trucks. 

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Doing any woodwork? Looking for supplies?

You will have noticed that we have removed part of a pew recently to make a second wheelchair space available.  Also we have removed some pews from the front, including the ‘modesty’ panels.  We have recycled some of the pews for extra seating in the hallways/foyer and in the Children’s Chapel. However, there are still extra wood pieces that might be usable for small projects.

This extra wood is in
the Children’s Chapel at the back of the sanctuary behind the potted planters.

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Tribute to Andy from Rev. Sam Parkes

Andy’s Poetic Blog

Many of us who are alumni and members of Maple Grove United Church in Oakville, Ontario are heartbroken at the news of the death of Andy King, a beautiful soul. These last years, Andy has served as a Christian Education Leader at MGUC. I remember Andy’s broad slash of a smile and sense of humour. He was part sideshow barker, part eternal child, and part spiritual nurse, in all things carefully kind and generous.

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Seeking a New Minister

Maple Grove United Church

Maple Grove United Church is seeking a
full time, ordained Lead Minister who is comfortable working in an open and
collaborative environment sharing the worship experience with our ministry and
music team. Candidates must be fully ordained and qualified by the United
Church of Canada.

Our Congregation

Maple Grove United
Church, located in Oakville, Ontario is a very active, healthy, progressive
United Church.  We are currently
searching for a caring,

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