Yezedi Woman Update

Recently the Outreach Committee presented you with an appeal to help a second Yezedi girl reunite with her mother. Some new information has come to light which we would like to share with you. The girl has made it to a refugee camp in Iraq, after being purchased out of sex “slavery” by her family. This is not an unusual situation. Girls are regularly put up for sale by human traffickers at a cost of about 10k to 20k USD depending on their health or “desirability” The young girl’s mother is desperate to go to the refugee camp to reunite with her daughter and help her get the medical and dental assistance she needs.

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60th Annual Maple Grove United Church Fertilizer Sale!

On Friday, July 10th Corina from Green Horizons delivered a cheque for $6,360.00 raised via our Fertilizer Sale partnership with Green Horizons.  Each time a customer quoted our Loyalty Code when ordering a Big Yellow Bag of Dirt or Mulch, Green Horizons made a contribution to Maple Grove United Church.  In addition to the early-order discount customers received from Green Horizons, those who quoted our Loyalty Code received an extra $5.00 off their order.  Corina was very excited to deliver our cheque saying “it represents the largest payout of all our loyalty programs”.  

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News from the Grove

Although we have not been congregated at the church for service and other events, behind the scenes there has been busy bees keeping up with our outreach and looking after the needs of the church as they emerge.

Congregational support                  
This YTD       Last YTD

Brian Simpson and Gord Penley are working on the year end. We will try to have information of our offerings in the next few weeks.

The Caring Team
Aki Tanaka put together bouquets of flowers through March and April to cheer up our church family members in residence and living by themselves,

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Daycare Open with Restrictions

The daycare is now opened. There are restrictions to space availability for the church visitors and the daycare. Please read carefully:

  • We have installed sanitation stations throughout the church please use them.
  • Please sanitize before and after you have signed in.
  • Please stop at the membership desk as you will be required to sign in by printing the date of your visit, your name and contact information.
  • We are asking you to bring a mask if you are entering the church.

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Midweek Meditation 16

Coping with Covid-19; and, hopefully, not feeling crushed or exceedingly cramped.  This week pretty much marks the four-month mark since the virus showed up in Canada.  By and large, our nation has responded rather well.  All provinces except Ontario and Quebec have managed to exercise a good deal of containment and control.  In Ontario, only Windsor and area and most parts of Metro Toronto are still the hot-spots.  Prayers for citizens and front-line workers in those communities are essential devotional service.  Yet, even though most areas are more open in the Stage Two phase,

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Rev. Kerry Stover – Our New Minister

On behalf of the Maple Grove Search Committee, I am excited to announce that Reverend Kerry Stover, M.Div has been called to be the next spiritual leader of our community of faith.  Kerry comes to us with a wealth of experience both in ministry and in the private sector.  A lifelong member of the United Church, Reverend Kerry is a graduate of the respected Masters of Divinity (“M.Div”) program at Emmanuel College,  University of Toronto. Most recently he has been responsible for the “Fresh Start” program at Kingsway-Lambton United Church in Etobicoke.

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Michael Coren on Slavery

Author and columnist Michael Coren is ordained in the Anglican Church of Canada.

In the midst of the laudable reaction to racial injustice and police brutality, incidents of spontaneous iconoclasm have occurred. Statues of notorious slavers and Confederate leaders have been toppled and, in all honesty, the damned things should never have been there in the first place.

There have also been calls or actions undertaken to remove statues, pictures and icons with a muddier context and history.

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