Remembering Ron – Virtually

Here is a reminder of our virtual Celebration of Life for Ron Dodge. I hope, if you wish to, you will be able to tune in at 2:00 on Saturday, June 13th  so we can watch it together.

 Use this link if you would like  to own the movie and download it into your own computer/devices: Remembering Ron (to download)

Use this link if you just want  to watch it: Remember Ron (on YouTube)

If anyone would like to make a memorial donation,

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Remembering Andy King

A Message from Maple Grove Council

Andy King was all about people, poetry and passion: 

  • his larger-than-life greetings to all who came into the church,
  • his wonderful way with words and
  • his enthusiastic singing voice
    • all will be sadly missed by so many of us at Maple Grove. 
  • Our Church Council would like to receive suggestions on how we might honour the memory of Andy’s dedication and lasting contributions to the life and mission of the Maple Grove congregation and the Oakville community. 

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Mid-Week Meditation 10

Social Spacing

From a distance
we’ve been
practicing safe
space —
at least two meters
whenever possible. 
No contact communication,
no contact interaction,
no facial contact
when we’re out beyond home,
for our own
health and protection,
and for everyone
The current Covid-19
social contract.
Yet there are some
who violate that,
who don’t take it
who believe they are

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by Rev. Harry Disher

As our pandemic captivity persists, I am becoming conscious of some new learnings and discoveries about life and faith, and some heightened awareness. 

In coming weeks, some members of our congregation will be invited to share their own reflections on such realizations they have experienced during this strange and unusual time.

One way of sharing my reflections is to offer this “Top Ten” list, not necessarily in any order of importance or priority.


Mid-Week Meditation (6)

One of the positives that’s arising during this pandemic crisis that has forced most of us into social distancing, staying home, limited travels, and self-isolation is that we are discovering and learning more about what community means, or can mean. True community happens when the individuals who are part of it each feel valued, supported, cared for, and enabled to thrive and develop their own potentials. In true community we get to widen our circles of relationship. Now, some of us are getting to know neighbours we used to just pass by every day,

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Video Services During COVID-19

Virtual Worship Service – May 17
“Are We Ready to Listen Now!
Rev. Harry Disher

Family Sunday – Virtual Worship Service, May 10
“Odd Duck Dynasty”
Rev. Harry Disher

Easter IV – Virtual Worship Service, May 3
Rev. Harry Disher
“In His Steps”

Easter III – Virtual Worship Service
Rev. Harry Disher
“Reverent Living”

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Midweek Meditation, April 15


The daily bits of humour being passed along online are helpful to me.  Recently, there was a video of two airplanes taking off from a runway.  The caption for the clip was “Relief is on the Way!”  You watch the planes fly over the countryside to a nearby city.  They fly lower just over the streets and being to drop rolls of toilet paper to the eager waiting public below. Although, the effect of the humour is temporary,

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Holy Saturday – A Meditation

“I Am the Resurrection and the Life”

He breathes beneath the face-mask,
laboured breaths,
hoping the fever might subside,
receiving drips to help his lungs break up congestion,
listening to the beeping of the monitors:
heartbeat, blood pressure, neural messaging.
Sweat comes and goes. 
Sleep is sporadic. 
Appetite is diminished,
but he can still manage
to get some food down. 
Two other tubes
seep other medications
into his bloodstream. 

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“I Am the True or Real Vine”

Rootedness could be
a prerequisite for righteousness,
or right relationships. 
There is security in feeling grounded. 
There is the receptiveness to being nourished,
the osmosis process
of acquiring nutrients, minerals, necessities for life.
The system of interconnection
is neural, animating, ventilating,
vitalizing, and conversational
like the way trees communicate
with one another
through their root fibres,
similar to how dolphins talk to each other
through sonic bleeps.