Congregational Paraphrases of the Lord’s Prayer


“Our Steadfast and Loving Parent,
may your many names be made holy.  
May your realm be created and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us what we need to get through this day;
 and forgive us when we stray from the path you have set for us,
 as we must have the grace to forgive those who overstep their own boundaries.  
Help us to resist worldly temptations, but keep us from evil.  

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Dedication Hymn Sing Update

Dedication Hymn-Sing Service, February 09, 2020 – Update
Good News! Our Dedication Hymn Sing is fast approaching and all of the music is now set. For those attending church you can find the pledge sheets on the board outside of the kitchen. 

For our snowbirds and others who may not be able to come of February 09th, but still want to participate and support the church, here is the information you need.

To sponsor any of these performances on-line,

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Celebratory or Memorial Flowers

The Altar Guild would like to invite parishioners to place flowers in the sanctuary on any given Sunday (whether Memorial or Celebratory).

Spend as much or as little as you like.

Order your flowers from your favourite local florist or online website; make sure to ask for a Friday morning delivery to the church office.

Then call the church in advance of Wednesday so that there can be an acknowledgement placed in the bulletin and to also to give the office a “heads up” of the arrangement’s arrival.

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Dedication Hymn-Sing Service, February 09, 2020

On Sunday February 9th we will be having a dedication hymn-sing. For this to be a success, we need to know your favorite hymns. You can let us know your top 5 hymns by, either filling out the Handy Communicator found in the pews, or by sending your list via e-mail to Dorothy Gartshore at gartshore.d@gmail.com.

The most requested hymns will be incorporated into the service. Please watch the pew and e-news for more updates concerning hymn dedication and special performances.

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In 1996, shortly after a subsidized apartment complex opened, the building leadership team realized that many people in their building were unable to provide basic necessities for their families. With compassion and the conviction that we are all called to ‘love our neighbours’, the KSM Food Co-op was formed.

Since that time the KSM has evolved into much more than a food bank. And the co-op has become a market where people receive Kerr Street vouchers, at no cost,


A Celebratory Pot Luck Lunch for Stewardship!

Help celebrate our gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure for the 2019/2020 year! To mark the end of our Stewardship campaign and to provide a bit of a social gathering, we are having a Potluck lunch to be held Sunday, November 17, 2019 at 11:30 a.m. (after worship)
We would ask everyone to bring something from your family or cultural tradition. As a suggestion, we propose that
– those with surnames beginning with the letters: A –

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