New United Church Structure – Region 9 Review, 2018

Let’s Talk Turkey!
Happy Thanksgiving from your Executive Minister
Although Thanksgiving Day has passed, this is the time of year when we are awestruck by the abundance around us. As we plan for our future, let’s take a moment to give thanks for:

  • gifted leaders who give generously of their time;
  • the vision of a church open to transformation not just transition;
  • the wealth of resources that church has!
    • What wealth?

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Transition Team

Transition Team
The Transition Team is in place to support our Intentional Interim Minister, Rev. Harry Disher.  Interim ministry allows time for congregations to seek renewal, consider changes in mission and prepare for the permanent call of a new minister

Members of theTransitionTeam:                                                                                                      

  • Al Wheable (Chair)
  • Rev. Harry Disher
  • Shannon Duffin
  • Ilana Greene
  • Sandra Onufryk
  • Arnaud Painvin
  • Cameron Serles
  • Ross Gilmour

Presbytery Reps: Rev. Sheila Murray and Paul Lamont

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Help Yezidi Women in Canada

October 25

Thanks to all who donated items for the Yezedi refugee women.These are among the most damaged of all the refugee groups that have come to Canada.

The only items we now need are:

  • Women’s coats (size 2 to 6 only please)
  • Sweaters (size small only please)
  • Gift cards for Wal-Mart so the women can purchase underwear
    • Please leave the Walmart gift cards with Bobbi Jo or arrange to give them to Sandra Onufryk or David Pakrul.

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United Church, General Council Internet Links

Internet Links re GC43 –

GC43 Website – all the info!

“News” section has summary information and video interviews re many issues and events that occurred during the week.

The Digital Workbook contains lots of interesting information – ‘reports’ (find out what the wider church has been up to – all kinds of wonderful activities we rarely hear about), a section on ‘motions as passed’ lists the many proposals that were worked through at GC.

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United Church Observer Magazine  

The church is renewing subscriptions for the UC Observer. This is a magazine full of enlightened and  interesting news articles and stories of faith and justice.

You can subscribe for only $25.00 for 12 issues. If you wish to newly subscribe to this wonderful magazine you can place your name and address with a cheque (payable to Maple Grove United Church) for the above amount and drop it into the office or on the offering plate,

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50+ Exercise Classes

For more information or to inquire about signing up contact Leah at or 905.580.1457.

For those of you who are interested in the yoga.

I should have mentioned that I changed the name to “Gentle Bodies Yoga” from “Yoga for the 50+”.

Sounds better, right?  I was reading over the summer you lovely comments and a couple of you said that you loved how the yoga was gentle and suitable for your bodies.  It inspired me to change the name. … Read more 50+ Exercise Classes

Princess Margaret Home Lottery Parking

Once again the Princess Margaret Home Lottery will be renting a large portion of our parking lot starting this week through until end of November.

These parking areas are in effect during these hours:
Monday – Friday 5-8pm
Saturday and Sunday and Holidays 1pm – 6pm.

On the sketch, the blue portion represents their allocated parking spaces and the pink portion represents ours and this includes our daycare, other renters, Scouts, anyone visiting the church, etc. The sketch represents the same allocated areas as last year.

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58th Annual MGUC Fertilizer Sale – Ongoing Savings

Green Horizons BIG YELLOW BAG of Soil or Mulch.
If you’re in need of soil for top dressing or building up garden beds, or mulch for your gardens, Green Horizons offers the best quality soil and mulch delivered right to your home. Until June 30th 2018, when you order on line or by phone, and you quote the Maple Grove United Church Loyalty/Promo code, Green Horizons will pay a portion of the proceeds to Maple Grove United Church. How easy is that to get great products,… Read more 58th Annual MGUC Fertilizer Sale – Ongoing Savings

Update From MGUC Music Director Search Committee

The Search Committee and M&P are pleased to announce that we have hired a new Music Director. Deborah Henry will assume the position in mid August.

Deborah comes to us with several degrees in Music, experience in leading church choirs in Oakville, and as a founder and leader of a community choir in Milton as well as teaching piano and university courses in music.  She is enthusiastic and energetic about sharing her passion for music with youth and adult choristers.

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Interim Minister

We now seem to have jumped through all the hoops and we can joyfully look forward to welcoming Rev. Harry L. Disher as our Intentional Interim Minister on August 15th. He is just finishing a similar assignment with Marshall Memorial United Church in Ancaster.

It is one part of the Interim Minister’s task, with the rest of the Transition Team, to help the Congregation face the changes that are inevitable after a minister has been with a church for 31 years, and prepare us for our next “permanent”… Read more Interim Minister