Princess Margaret Home Lottery Parking

Once again the Princess Margaret Home Lottery will be renting a large portion of our parking lot starting this week through until end of November.

These parking areas are in effect during these hours:
Monday – Friday 5-8pm
Saturday and Sunday and Holidays 1pm – 6pm.

On the sketch, the blue portion represents their allocated parking spaces and the pink portion represents ours and this includes our daycare, other renters, Scouts, anyone visiting the church, etc. The sketch represents the same allocated areas as last year.

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58th Annual MGUC Fertilizer Sale – Ongoing Savings

Green Horizons BIG YELLOW BAG of Soil or Mulch.
If you’re in need of soil for top dressing or building up garden beds, or mulch for your gardens, Green Horizons offers the best quality soil and mulch delivered right to your home. Until June 30th 2018, when you order on line or by phone, and you quote the Maple Grove United Church Loyalty/Promo code, Green Horizons will pay a portion of the proceeds to Maple Grove United Church. How easy is that to get great products,… Read more 58th Annual MGUC Fertilizer Sale – Ongoing Savings

Update From MGUC Music Director Search Committee

The Search Committee and M&P are pleased to announce that we have hired a new Music Director. Deborah Henry will assume the position in mid August.

Deborah comes to us with several degrees in Music, experience in leading church choirs in Oakville, and as a founder and leader of a community choir in Milton as well as teaching piano and university courses in music.  She is enthusiastic and energetic about sharing her passion for music with youth and adult choristers.

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Interim Minister

We now seem to have jumped through all the hoops and we can joyfully look forward to welcoming Rev. Harry L. Disher as our Intentional Interim Minister on August 15th. He is just finishing a similar assignment with Marshall Memorial United Church in Ancaster.

It is one part of the Interim Minister’s task, with the rest of the Transition Team, to help the Congregation face the changes that are inevitable after a minister has been with a church for 31 years, and prepare us for our next “permanent”… Read more Interim Minister

Changes at Maple Grove: Interim Minister & Director of Music

An update on recruitment
Two recruitment teams are in place for upcoming transitions at Maple Grove, the retirements of Rev. Dr. Morar Murray-Hayes as of August 31st and of Dan Hynek, Director of Music, as of May 31st.

Sincere thanks to all those who have volunteered to share their time and talent on this important work!

Here is a brief update from each team:

Intentional Interim Minister
The Transition Team has been hard at work.

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Dan Hynek Retiring!

Maple Grove has been so blessed by Dan Hynek’s gift of music leadership, with high points like the magnificent Good Friday service, big band services, and those spectacular Christmas concerts. Sadly, we have accepted his notice of retirement, effective the end of May.

The Terms of Reference for the Music Director Search Committee were approved by Council on March 21, and now we are seeking committee members. While some have already come forward,

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The Outreach Committee thanks these companies for their support of our refugee fund. Ethan Allen has donated showroom furniture which Millionaire’s Daughter is selling in their consignment shops and on the web in a special arrangement with us.

Go to the Millionaire’s Daughter store or check their inventory out online. You may be surprised at what you find!


Congregation Soup and Sandwich Potluck Sunday January 28th after worship.

Please join us for lunch and then a presentation by Jill Strapp of EDGE Consulting on the Loving Neighbour, Loving God Round Table sessions with the congregation and the community over the last year. Jill will be helping us interpret the results and consider how we can use the information in carrying out our mission and ministry at Maple Grove.

For the Potluck: 

Families with Surnames beginning with

  • A – L please bring sandwiches
  • M –

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Support the Banning of Nuclear Weapons

This past year the world has become severely threatened by a nuclear weapons dispute between the United States of America and the Republic of North Korea. However, as long as nuclear weapons exist a major destruction of life on the planet is a real possibility because of deliberate use, accidental use, miscalculated use, or use of these weapons by terrorists through cyber hacking or illegal possession.

The Anglican Church of Canada supports Canada signing the 2017 United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons which Canada has refused to sign.

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