New Community Garden at Maple Grove

A New Community Garden at Maple Grove

Let the earth produce seed bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it. The land produced vegetation; plants bearing seeds according to their kind and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds.”          (Genesis 1:11 New International Version) 

Now that the Pollinator Garden has been planted and the plants are becoming established, Council has given the go-ahead to look at another kind of garden – a “community” garden.  But not like the traditional community gardens in town open to individuals to plant and harvest. Rather a community garden for the community, growing food for charity. 

Already you can see phase 1 of this new MGUC “Community” Garden, thanks to the help of a wonderful community neighbour with a passion to create gardens for charity.   

A long row of ‘greens’ will be planted along the parking lot wooden fence parallel to Devon.  These greens (spinach, chard and kale), chosen because they have a short growing time and can take cooler weather, will be harvested and given to Fareshare Foodbank, Kerr Street Ministries and Salvation Army Lighthouse or be available for anyone in the community. They should be ready for harvest in early fall. 

Sandra Kerr is pulling together a small committee to plan this new “Community” garden so that we can truly serve our neighbours and continue to ‘green’ Maple Grove.

If you would be interested in learning more about our Maple Grove Community Garden, OR would be willing to help with the planning, OR be willing to help out right NOW by giving only 30 min of your time once a week to help this new Phase 1 garden grow – please contact the church office or send Sandra Kerr an email at   We guarantee support and a short schedule for outside help immediately and we have big dreams to put together for a fuller plan. 

Won’t you help us to help the environment and help those in need?  

New Lead Minister for Maple Grove U. C.

Announcement from –
Ross Gilmour
chair, Maple Grove United Church Council

I am very pleased on behalf of your Church Council to announce that Reverend Jessica McCrae has accepted a call as Lead Minister for Maple Grove, starting in early November 2021.

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Rev. McCrae has served in congregational ministry in the United Church for over 20 years, including 10 years as Minister at Humbercrest United in Toronto and 5 years at the St. Andrew’s and Westminster & Littlewood congregations in London, ON. Prior to her ordination in 2001, Rev. McCrae worked as on-call multi-faith chaplain for 5 years at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

Through extensive discussion with Rev. McCrae, we discerned that her history and approach to ministry align closely with the core values of Maple Grove.  Rev. McCrae has progressive perspectives on theology, worship and music and is excited to be part of the evolution of the United Church of the future. Jessica has a strong history of leadership in outreach and social justice, both high priorities of ours. Reverend McCrae is a compassionate individual with an insightful and engaging personal style. A resident of Clarkson, Jessica is very familiar with our local community. 

Please join me in extending a warm Maple Grove welcome to Rev. Jessica McCrae as Lead Minister of Maple Grove.  We look forward to celebrating her call both in worship with a Covenanting Service and as permitted, a gathering of the congregation, in mid-November.

Summer Worship Schedule into Fall

Our Worship Services July through October

We are so blessed as a congregation to have several guest Ministers and lay leaders for our services from August 1st and into the fall. Our services each week will be pre-recorded and provided to you each Sunday morning on YouTube.  Alternatively, we are inviting you to view the worship service on Sunday morning in the Sanctuary. We will also be hosting a coffee time in the parking lot after the service.

If you would like to view the service together, the sanctuary will be open Sunday morning at 9:40 am to watch the pre-recorded worship service together, starting at 10 am with from the congregation in attendance.

If you plan to attend in the sanctuary, there are a few restrictions to observe:
face masks are required (even if you are double vaccinated), use hand sanitizer when you arrive at the church, sign-in on the contact tracing form, and observe physical distancing in the pews (follow the signs). Singing, unfortunately, is not allowed. These restrictions will hopefully keep us safe.

If you are feeling ill or are auto-immune compromised, please stay safe and make the best decision for your own health and the health of your loved ones.

We hope to see you Sunday, before 10 am in the sanctuary or at 11 am in the parking lot for “Coffee” time.

Summer Worship Schedule into the Fall
As the Service Coordinator for MGUC, Barb Duffin is so pleased to have both lay leaders and Ordained Ministers from other Oakville churches volunteering to lead our worship services. Many thanks to Joan Vinall-Cox and John Duffin for their technical support with assistance from JC, Al and of course, Deborah and Eran for their wonderful and rich music contributions. 
The following is the schedule up to the beginning of October. Please enjoy the worship experiences:
Aug 1    Gill LeFevre
Aug 8      Joan Vinall-Cox           MGUC
Aug 15    Ross Gilmour              MGUC
Aug 22    TBA                              MGUC
Aug 29     Cathy Dodge-Smith   MGUC
Sept 5      Al Wheable                 MGUC
Sept 12    Sheila Murray
Sept 19    Karen Inkst
Sept 26   Gill LeFevr
* * *

Vacation Bible School Camp (Virtual)

Youth leaders opportunities exist for grade 7 and up and you can email Rev. Deborah Laforet, if they would like to volunteer for one or both weeks. (no fee for leaders)

St. Paul’s is running the same program both weeks so please only sign up for one camp.  

Further details can be found on our registration pages at  

  • To register for week one,July 19-23 please Click here  
  • To register for week two,August 9-13 please Click here

Butterfly Garden (Formerly Pollinator Garden)

Katy Joaquim:

This project is about hope for me. It is about taking a tiny baby step to help the environment.  There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that we are not headed in the right direction on biodiversity and environmental health and it can be very depressing.  As small as this garden is, it is a move to show that native plants, plants that support bugs can be beautiful, and even if they are not beautiful they are critical to survival. I am alarmed and I need a constructive place to use the energy generated by fear for the future; this garden hopefully will play a leadership role in re-educating myself and the community about the importance of supporting pollinators. 
Thank you for the opportunity to help create this garden.

I would like to thank the following volunteer gardeners for their support, Hugh Wanless , Jennifer Bensen, Mary Lloyd, Carol Gilchrist, Adam Clyde, Bobbi Jo Walker, and Jim Lilly.  We are also guided by the following experts Aki Tanaka, Sheelagh Rowland-Brown and Judy Lang. Shout out to JC Berube for his patience!

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