The Caring Team Needs Casseroles & Soups

The Caring Team is in need of replenishing the freezer with casseroles and soups (enough to feed 2 to 4 people per serving)

Donations of baked muffins, loaves and cookies (please no nuts) would also be greatly appreciated.

When packaging, package well to prevent freezer burn as well as placing the made date of your donation and the list of ingredients.

Please place your donation in the freezer in the upstairs kitchen adding what you have made to the list on the side of the upstairs staff fridge.

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Kerr Street Mission Food Bank Needs Help

Yesterday one of our client/volunteers asked me to come look in our warehouse.

We are down to 4 cases of Almond mild and 11 cases of canned peas.

This is an urgent message!

Kerr Street Mission needs help to fill the shelves in their Food Market

Please consider sharing the need with your neighbours – if each of us will ask your neighbours to contribute we can triple (or more) the volume of donations.

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Restore Halton now Neighbourhood Care Network

Restore Halton has undergone more than just a name change to the more descriptive Neighbourhood Care Network. It is being renewed and reinvigorated . NCN is shared initiative of local church compassion ministries organized and facilitated by the Kerr Street Mission. Volunteers come alongside individuals and families in difficulty and distress and help them access available resources so that can lead more stable, healthy and sustainable lives. In the past year MGUC volunteers have helped 8 families or individuals deal with issues such as homelessness,

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Candlelight Vigil for Overdose Awareness in Halton

Parking: In the Oakville Trafalgar Secondary School, with a gateway to Maple Grove United Church

Resiliency 4 Recovery (R4R) cannot remain silent when our family members, friends and neighbours are dying from fatal overdose in Halton region. R4R is a grassroots youth directed group (for 16-29 year olds) recovering from mental health and/or substance use challenges. We believe that recovery requires community involvement.

In response to this devastating crisis, Resiliency 4 Recovery invites you to attend The 5th Annual International Overdose Awareness Day of Halton on August 31,

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58th Annual MGUC Fertilizer Sale – Ongoing Savings

Green Horizons BIG YELLOW BAG of Soil or Mulch.
If you’re in need of soil for top dressing or building up garden beds, or mulch for your gardens, Green Horizons offers the best quality soil and mulch delivered right to your home. Until June 30th 2018, when you order on line or by phone, and you quote the Maple Grove United Church Loyalty/Promo code, Green Horizons will pay a portion of the proceeds to Maple Grove United Church. How easy is that to get great products,… Read more 58th Annual MGUC Fertilizer Sale – Ongoing Savings

Update From MGUC Music Director Search Committee

The Search Committee and M&P are pleased to announce that we have hired a new Music Director. Deborah Henry will assume the position in mid August.

Deborah comes to us with several degrees in Music, experience in leading church choirs in Oakville, and as a founder and leader of a community choir in Milton as well as teaching piano and university courses in music.  She is enthusiastic and energetic about sharing her passion for music with youth and adult choristers.

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Interim Minister

We now seem to have jumped through all the hoops and we can joyfully look forward to welcoming Rev. Harry L. Disher as our Intentional Interim Minister on August 15th. He is just finishing a similar assignment with Marshall Memorial United Church in Ancaster.

It is one part of the Interim Minister’s task, with the rest of the Transition Team, to help the Congregation face the changes that are inevitable after a minister has been with a church for 31 years, and prepare us for our next “permanent”… Read more Interim Minister

Helping Refugees

The Aboalagal family arrived at 9 pm on Tuesday night! Everyone is healthy and happy to be in Canada with their sister and her family who live in Clearview. Just to remind you almost 3 years ago the sister who immigrated to Canada over 17 years ago approached the church to help her brother and his wife and two daughters ( 8 and 3 1/2) to come as refugees. The sister paid all the money in advance for the sponsorship and will have them live with her until we find a suitable rental unit.

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