Medical Equipment

As you know, I lend out medical equipment, particularly for those undergoing knee and hip replacement.

During Covid, business was slow but it is definitely picking up. If you have borrowed equipment and are no longer using it, it would be useful to return it in the near future.

Al Wheable

Lake Scugog Camp Thanks You! 2022

On behalf of Director Dana and the staff of Camp Scugog, we are sending a huge thank you to MGUC and to all who donated items for prizes for the moms camp.

You have been kind and generous and everything is truly appreciated.

Our granddaughter, Regan Lilly, is participating in the LIT (Leader in Training) program this summer and is on hand to see the sheer delight as these young moms “win” these small prizes during game nights.

There is a lot of sharing and trading and giggling as the ladies discover these little treats to take home.

So thank you to all. You will have made someone’s day.

The Lillys

Summer Stewardship Message, 2022

Summer is here and your Stewardship Committee wants you to know that even as the pace of life slows a little bit and many of us are enjoying the activities of summer, your church is still active and busy!
For example:

  • Our livestreaming equipment has been installed!
  • Volunteers are being prepared to be trained on livestreaming
  • In-person worship continues at 10am every Sunday
  • Pastoral care visits continue and grieving families and those facing other challenges are being supported
  • Our property team is working hard to care for our grounds, including a second pollinator garden
  • The community garden is thriving! Money has been raised from sales to support local food banks and quality organic produce has been donated.
  • The Fall food drive for Kerr Street Mission is being planned
  • We have booked a wedding for September
  • Renewed contracts for various user groups for the Fall

We continue to be a beacon of hope in our community and living out the good news of our faith. But as you know, summer is always a financially lean time in the church year. Offerings continue to be received on Sunday mornings or can be put in the secure locked mailbox at the west door of the church. Or, if it is more convenient, please feel free to talk to us about moving your donations to PAR (pre-authorized remittance) or making an electronic contribution on the website through Canada Helps.

Have a wonderful summer and thank you for remembering your church in your prayers and in your monthly financial planning.

Thank you from the Stewardship Committee

Landscaping and Snow Removal


Maple Grove United Church is in need of landscaping and snow removal services.

If you know of anyone who can provide these services, please contact Pam in the office at:


Outreach – The ‘Fresh Start’ Project


This is a description of a group which has been very helpful to MGUC when settling our more recent refugees. They also provide this service to families recommended to them from various social services including Kerr Street Ministries, Wesley urban ministries and most shelters in the Halton region. Please consider joining this Facebook group and sharing it with your community as it is a great way to support people in need.

Below is their own description of how they operate as found on Facebook. They have chosen Facebook as the platform to share the client needs and organize donations so there is no duplication.  We have used this organization in the past for our refugee families and will continue to do so in the future.

About the Project –

Welcome to The Fresh Start Project!
Our purpose is to help individuals and families have an easier transition from a shelter to a home by helping fill the cupboards, shelves and drawers with items to make it feel more like their place.

How we do it:
Approximately every 6 weeks, through a Community Service team, we identify an individual or family in the process of moving from a shelter situation to their own home. With few resources available, this would be a tough situation for anyone. For each client of The Fresh Start project, we create a customized list of 100-150 items that would help give them the foundation to make their day to day living, and the first couple months in their new home easier, helping the financial burden and stress levels.

This list of items is sent to our database of volunteers. Our goal is within 5 days of posting the Client wish list, we have collected all items and are delivering them to their home.

How to get involved
There are five ways to get involved in The Fresh Start Project. They include:

  • Individual item donations
  • Item pick up and packing
  • Administrative and office support
  • Monthly Client drop off
  • Financial Donations and Corporate sponsorship

To find this organization click the link below.

Fresh Start Project on Facebook

Your Outreach Team

Outreach Update – Family Reunited

You may remember Ronia, Nadre’s daughter who was separated from her family at 11 years old and sold into captivity by ISIS three times before finally finding freedom. It took us a couple of years but she is finally reunited with her mom and family.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to getting this young woman reunited with her loving family.

Her new life just started. We wish her the very best.

Kerr Street Mission – Adopt a Shelf

Adopt a Shelf is a new food donation program at KSM.

With a food drive we usually receive a variety of different food items that need to be sorted and then distributed. The difference with Adopt a Shelf, that it is is a food drive focusing on one needed item category. This helps by:

  • Responding to our market needs in a shorter time.
  • Needing fewer volunteers to sort, as items can be placed on the market shelf almost immediately if there is an urgent need.
  • Having a consistent supply of items that are high in demand, so our clients are able to budget.
  • The food donation process becomes transparent.
  • Allows the congregation, company or organization to really understand the needs of the community.
  • Gives our clients the opportunity to know who is caring for them by highlighting your name and pictures on the adopted shelves.

Maple Grove United Church will be running a food donation drive coming this fall so please keep an eye out for all the details, till then have a great summer!

Environmental Tidbits

The United Church of Canada Adopts a Bold New Emissions Reduction Target

The United Church of Canada has committed the whole church to the aspirational goal of an 80% decrease in carbon emissions by 2030. This bold new target was set at General Council 44 last week.

This daring public commitment galvanizes every part of the church into common action to address the climate crisis, now become climate catastrophe. The new target accelerates a 2018 commitment that called for an 80% reduction by 2050.

“This audacious goal will spur debate, stimulate imagination, and most importantly, drive action and investment towards climate justice. Our commitment is both to address the church, but also to show leadership within broader society,” says Chief Financial Officer Erik Mathiesen.

Rev. Jessica played an important role in this commitment through her work over the last several years on the General Council Climate Advisory Circle.

To learn more about what this means for the church and resources available please visit


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