Request for Lake Scugog Camp

Once again, we are requesting donations of small articles, such as soaps, shampoos (hotel and resort items welcome!) photo size picture frames, children’s or adults books, regifted items, jewelry, playing cards, anything is acceptable!

MGUC has long supported this United Church summer camp for inner city children and CAS referrals.

The difference among other camps is the two sessions offered to single moms and their children.  Some of these women come directly from shelters. The camp offers a week long opportunity to spend safe and quality time with each other and with their children.

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Towards a Motivating Vision

 As we prepare for new leadership in ministry during this Interim time another step along the way is to discern a congregation’s “motivating vision” which along with the Core Values gives direction and focus for all of the activities in ministry and mission that a congregation undertakes. 

Such a vision is not a lengthy mission statement, but rather a short, memorable “song in the heart” that everyone who participates in the life of that congregation gets to know and learn and seek to live out. 

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Neighbour Care is Hiring

Neighbour Care is Hiring

Neighbour Care (previously known as Restore) works with Kerr Street Mission to help those Oakville families needing a hand up.

Our MGUC group consists of nine individuals and we invite you to join us. 

We provide all the necessary training and we won’t let you take on more than you have the time to give. We promise. 

If you want to feel worthwhile then join us and do something worthwhile.

Get in touch with John Berg or email 

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Maple Grove United Church Fertilizer Sale! Saturday, April 13, 2019

59th Annual Maple Grove United Church Fertilizer Sale! Saturday, April 13,

ONE WEEK TO GO!  Submit your prepaid orders on-line or in the Fertilizer Box in the church lobby by April 8thfor Free Delivery in Oakville!    If you prefer, pick up your order April 13th in the Church parking lot.  Stop by the Gym first.

Territory Captains.  Sale Flyers delivered!  Time for follow-up phone calls to remind past customers they only have until April 8th to get their orders in and guarantee free delivery. 

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Children’s Book – He’ll Always Be My Dad

He’ll Always be my Dad

Update: An official Book Launch was held Saturday April sixth at the Lighthouse for Grieving Children for Chrissy Lilly’s children’s book “He’ll Always be my Dad”. The book is dedicated to Jim, Regan and Jorja, and also to the Lighthouse, a caring, valuable and essential organization in Oakville that supports and guides families through their grief journey.

The book will be available for sale following the service, or through the church office.

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Who is Our Church?

Adults, Children, History

Adults – January 27, 2019 If Our Church Were a Person

1. Which Gender? Picked PAT as name…no gender specified

2. How old?
‐Between 50 and 60 years od ‐Looking toward next stage of life ‐Still vibrant

3. What does he/she look like? (general appearance, clothes, style) ‐vibrant, active, involved

‐dressed “smart casual”
‐comfortable in own skin
‐have an updated wardrobe, but not on cutting edge of fashion ‐confident
‐put together
‐very intelligent


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Maple Grove United Church Council

Council Chair 2019, Ross

Members of Council include our ministers, the chairs and leaders of our committees and trustees. We meet monthly except in the summer.  As well, a small advisory group meets monthly before council meetings, to provide advice to the chair and to discuss important program, financial and planning matters. Our Council previews and approves all proposals presented to the congregation, such as the membership of the Transition Team, the annual slate of leaders on council and our annual financial statements. 

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Lenten Bible Study

How do we move through our Good Fridays of difficulty, of challenge, of suffering?

Beginning Wednesday evening, March 6, a five-part series on the Seven Last Words of Christ from the cross:

Were the words Jesus spoke from the cross just random utterances, of little meaning for others? Or were they messages of encouragement, even inspiration, for dark and difficult times?

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Seconds for Stewardship – Good News!  We have gifts to share!

Seconds for Stewardship – Good News!  We have gifts to share!
It is that time of the year when we all are recovering from the many social events and responsibilities of the Christmas season.  We’ve all heard it said that “actions speak louder than words,” and the new year provides us with a great opportunity for all of us to speak volumes without opening our mouths.

We are still looking for contributions of time, talent and treasure ot the Church for this year.

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