An Invitation to Talk
In March 2017 United Church Moderator Jordan Cantwell wrote:
“We need to name and examine our fears, prejudices, and assumptions. The privilege that many of us are born with may desensitize us to the injustice, exclusion, and hate that some in our community experience on a daily basis.” Only in that way can we build, as “That All May Be One” envisioned, a church and society “where all are welcome, where all feel welcome, and where diversity is as natural as breathing.”

MGUC joins in the uprising of voices in the Christian community and across the world against the systemic racism that hurts so many of our fellow human beings.


Black Lives Matter – Zoom Book Club

The request of the Outreach Committee to make window signs supporting Black Lives Matter is a call for us as Christians to bear witness to institutionalized racism against black people. It is not just a slogan, it is a baby step that we hope will encourage us to examine our own hearts and initiate conversations in homes around our neighbourhoods.  We agree that all lives matter but the item on our agenda right now is black lives and we know that black lives have been and are devalued and disrespected on a scale that white lives are not.

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Midweek Meditation 13

“Love your neighbour as you love yourself”

     I am fairly confident that most of us make some effort, even go beyond our normal limits, to implement the first half of this Second Great Law of Jesus.  It’s on the second half that we often fall short, or almost neglect altogether.

    This prolonged period of social distancing and self-isolation has likely exacerbated that, even if we are mainly cooped up at home with family or sustaining in person contact with a few friends who are “in our bubble”. 

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Midweek Meditation 12

There it was, right in the middle of last Sunday’s sermon. It didn’t catch me until sometime on Sunday afternoon, even though the sermon was recorded on Friday. Just before I launched into an appeal to us all to reflect on how we ourselves are caught up in systemic racism and lingering personal prejudices that fracture our sense of human oneness, I used the lyrics from a Bob Marley song to illustrate those moments of “hearts beating as one” at a musical concert. 

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Midweek Meditation 11

If We Are Really in This Together …

There are lots of signs of encouragement, new empowerment and the positive sharing of ideas, care, assistance, helpful hints, meditative and relaxation practices, updated information, music, humour, prayers and worship, virtual hugs even. Online ordering and sales have skyrocketed. The majority of people are taking social distancing and protective measures seriously, and many are finding ways to stay connected through Internet chatrooms and Zoom, etc., through short and minimized in-person visits and backyard happy hours,

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Yezedi Woman

In 2014 an 11 year old Yezedi girl was captured and sold into slavery by ISIS fighters in Syria. This past April this now 17 year old young woman was found and released. Her mother had been captured at the same time but had found freedom earlier and was part of a group of Yezedi women who along with their families settled in the GTA about 3 years ago. These women and their children are on their own as ISIS has a policy of killing Yezedi men, … Read more Yezedi Woman

Black Lives Matter – End Systemic Racism

George Floyd, Terence Crutcher, Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown
These are only five names, but the complete list would consist of thousands of names of black people incarcerated, maimed or killed because of the colour of their skin. Where do we stand? What should we do? Is this someone else’s problem or is it our problem?
As Christians the answer is clear. Where there is suffering we must act. As Jesus said, “Whatever you do for the least of us you do for me”.

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Church Leaders Acknowledge Racism in Our Midst

Published on: June 2, 2020Last modified on June 2, 2020

In response to the demonstrations across the United States and Canada in the wake of the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, the Anglican Church of Canada, and The United Church of Canada have issued a joint letter.

They write, “It is important for church members in our largely white churches to look at how we continue to perpetuate anti-Black racism,

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Fertilizer Sale, 2020!

Provincial and local restrictions on non-essential businesses were revised as of May 11th.  This prompted your Fertilizer Committee to swing into action and quickly plan a one day pop-up/pick-up sale of our remaining inventory.  After clearing our operational plans with the Province, Town and MGUC Council, we had less than 2 weeks to make it happen.   

By Friday May 22nd we had sold 456 bags of fertilizer and seed, 90% of our inventory, to over 100 customers through our on-line ordering system,

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Fertilizer Sale May 23

The Fertilizer sale is back!

Fertilizer Pop-Up/Pick-Up SaleSaturday, May 23rd 2020   9:00 AM – 2:00 PM Provincial and local restrictions on non-essential businesses have been revised as of May 11th. We are now able to hold a one day Pop-Up/Pick-Up Sale on our inventory of great fertilizer products.  To thank all our customers who placed orders for our 60th Annual Fertilizer Sale and offered understanding and support when we had to cancel to comply with the Covid-19 restrictions. We are now excited to offer you 

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