Energy Benchmarking Study at Maple Grove

Maple Grove United Church has recently been granted an opportunity to conduct an Energy benchmarking study of our building and its environmental impact and we need some help! What does this all mean?

We are participating in the Greening Sacred Spaces project of the Halton Environmental Network .  Energy benchmarking means accessing, understanding and measuring the patterns of energy consumption (ie hydro and gas) in our building and will give us an idea of such things as what months we consume the most energy, what types of operations lead to more or less consumption over a year.

In addition, we will be provided with useful advice on how to be more efficient consumers. We will have access to useful workshops, government rebates, grants or local company incentives for energy-related retrofitting initiatives. The additional benefit of being part of this network is that our usage will continue to be tracked for an additional two more years to see how we are doing.

Do you care about how our money and our building are being used?

You can help us to take positive action to reduce our environmental impact AND our utility bills!

If you are interested or would like more information please contact Norm Loveland (nloveland or let Bobbi Jo (in the church office) know . Your ideas and support is greatly appreciated!

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