The Maple Grove United Church Fertilizer and Lawn Care Sale

Fertilizer Sale Free Delivery

Free Delivery

All orders pre-paid by Thursday, April 11 qualify for free delivery, as long as the customer is located within Oakville or its immediately surrounding areas (i.e., customers in parts of Mississauga or Burlington that do not border on Oakville do not qualify for free delivery).

Deliveries will take place on the actual date of the sale – this year, Saturday, April 13.

* Delivery includes only Fertilizer and Seed

All efforts will be made to ensure delivery of all orders on the day of the sale, but due to limits on the number of delivery personnel (who are volunteers) and depending on the volume of orders, some orders may not be able to be delivered on sale day. Any customer who cannot get delivery on that day will be contacted regarding the next soonest date.