Fitness at Maple Grove

fitness class
Yoga L-R Pat Thompson, Ilza Burger, Jan Chanyi, Brenda Williams, Leah Nicoletta, Joan Vinall-Cox, Judy Berube, Mary Davidson

Did you know that Maple Grove United Church has fitness classes running three days a week? Have you ever walked by the Friendship Room on a weekday morning and wondered what is going on? Maple Grove has fitness classes running for ages 50+ and are ideal for beginners and/or intermediate levels. These classes are exclusively for ladies (we think the men are too scared to join us). Some of these ladies have been exercising with us for years!

We have just finished wrapping up our 2016-2017 season and it was another huge success. I’m so proud of these ladies and their commitment they have made towards living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Why exercise? Most of the participants noticed an increase of energy when they exercise versus when they don’t and an overall improvement to their health and wellbeing. One even stated that she finds it a lot easier to reach down and tie her shoes.

We have Total Body Workout running three mornings a week: Monday/Wednesday/Friday; Modified Fitness/Chairfit running two mornings a week: Monday/Wednesday; and Gentle Yoga running Friday mornings.

If you are interested in joining us in the fall or would like more information please email Leah at or speak to Bobbi-Jo the church administrator.

Fitness class
Chairfit L-R Beverly White, Carol Kennedy, Mary Lang, Lorraine Mitchell, Mary Carroll, Margaret Williams


fitness class
Monday TBW L-R Beverly White, Bonnee Ware, Ethel Hoffmeister, Heather Rothwell, Fran MacMillan, Elaine Drummond, Mary Davidson
Fitness class
Fri TBW L-R Leah Nicoletta, Heather Burrow, Jutta Semler, Ethel Hoffmeister, Heather Rothwell, Gail Sharp
Fitness class
Wed TBW L-R Heather Burrow, Elaine Drummond, Ethel Hoffmeister, Fran MacMillan, Beverly White, Mary Lang, Diane Hambleton, Jean Podolsky, Heather Rothwell


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