Grace Moment – Banff

I mentioned the attached video during this morning’s Bible Study.  Those who were on the Zoom call will get the connection and I have been asked to share this beautiful video from St. Georges in the Pines, Anglican, in Banff.  It is lovely all by itself but special for me as someone who grew up in the shadow of the Rockies and knows this church well.  As a young Anglican choir boy (I sing much better now, but in the shower only), I went to a summer choir camp at St. George’s.  I have walked by this church for decades since.  All the vistas in the attachment can be seen from the sidewalk in front of the church.  Many more can be seen just by turning around on the spot.  The Town of Banff, unfortunately, has been spoiled by excess tourism but we can all see the magnificence of the Rockies by driving  ½ hour further West.  Keep going and it just gets better.

Many of us see the Rockies as proof on God.  Who else could have done this?


Gord Penley

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